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Sep 11, 2006
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If you want me to look for other texts, tell me wich ones...
Note : I don't think I would be able to find texts for the units cited in first page of this thread because of my english vocabulary not so extended...
But if you need something else, I'm your man. :)
Dec 17, 2002
These are by my blood brother PilatusTurbo:

PilatusTurbo said:
‘Jet Fighter’ F-16- The F-16 Falcon’s inception occurred around 30 years ago, in the late 70’s; regardless of its age, the F-16 is still extremely effective in all its roles. It was designed as an Air Superiority Fighter, to supplement the F-15 Air Superiority Fighter. Along with having above exceptional maneuverability, the F-16 also proved highly valuable as an Attack aircraft. It can carry a sizeable load of munitions in the form of bombs, or a load of Anti-Aircraft weapons in the form of Air to Air Missiles. The F-16 can also fulfill the Fighter/Bomber role, defending air space and bombing threats on the ground.

F-35 JSF (Joint Strike Fighter)- The F-35 JSF is a very recent and highly protected military aviation innovation. Along with high maneuverability and stealth qualities, it also has V/STOVL capabilities. This is the Fighter/Bomber of the future, being able to operate from any type of prepared or unprepared combat area. It is not cheap, and it’s battlefield effectiveness has yet to be proven. However, combining qualities of great aircraft like the F-22 Raptor’s Stealth characteristics, and GV-8 Harrier’s S/VTOL capabilities, this aircraft will be highly successful. I can defend airspace and ground areas, though, it will operate with a much higher success ratio if the ground area is secure.

MiG-21 ‘Fishbed’- The MiG-21 qualifies as a highly successful aircraft, as it is the most numerously produced aircraft in the history of Aviation, period. More Mig-21’s have been produced than any other military aircraft, because it is a very threatening and effective platform. It combines high-speed and maneuverability, with relatively lethal ground attack capabilities. Its ammunition and fuel supplies are limited, therefore its capability and range is limited. However, with talented pilots, threats within it’s range stand little chance. The MiG-21 can attack enemy aircraft and ground targets. It is extremely dated even compared to the F-15 and F-16, and it will have little success against Stealth Aircraft.

MiG-29 ‘Fulcrum’- One of the most technologically advanced and threatening MiGs, is the MiG-29. It is fast, with maneuverability to match the F-15 Eagle. It is the Eastern Air Superiority Fighter, easily holding its own with both the F-15 and F-16 Air Superiority Fighter. In the hands of experienced pilots, the MiG-29 also has lethal ground attack capabilities along with the ability to maintain Air Superiority. The MiG-29 is a threat to ground targets, and all but the most advanced enemy aircraft.

Gunship AH-64 ‘Apache’ - The ‘Apache’ AH-64 Attack Helicopter is extremely versatile, and very deadly. It was designed during the latter Cold War period, to destroy the Soviet ‘10,000’ Tank Force. It can hover below the terrain effectively masking itself from enemy eyes, and sneak up and attack with deadly precision. The Apache isn’t perfect, being quite expensive for a Helicopter unit, and maintenance is a nightmare both in terms of time and cost. However, the benefits the Apache can provide, far out weigh its negative qualities. The Apache can carry Air to Air Missiles, however, it is mainly ineffective against anything other than ground targets.

Chinook- The Chinook is a legend, since its inception early in the 60’s. Using a unique twin tandem rotor configuration, it is an engineering marvel in itself. The Chinook is not really a combat unit, however, it is highly useful for transporting troops and heavy equipment across the map. The Chinook can lift heavy loads and troops, and transport them across a sizeable area.

Mi-24 ‘Hind’- The MI-24 ‘Hind’ is one of Aviation history’s most aggressive and feared helicopters, though, it is not without heavy flaws. The Hind is said to fly more like a fixed wing aircraft, than a rotor wing aircraft, making it very fast at the cost of maneuverability. It is also unique in the sense that it combines Attack Helicopter qualities similar to the Apache, with the ability to transport infantry units into tight areas on the battlefield as the Chinook can do. The Psychological effect of the Hind is more noted than its combat record. The Hind was used extensively in the Russian-Afghan war of the 80’s, and although it did cause moderate damage to the Afghani forces, the Hind was shot down daily by US Provided hand held Stinger SAMs. The Hind is similar to the Apache in the regard that it cannot effectively defend against aerial targets, and has a decent ability to destroy ground targets. It will be much more vulnerable than the Apache, because it does not have the terrain masking maneuverability of the Apache.

B-2 ‘Spirit’ Stealth Bomber- The B-2 ‘Spirit’ is one of the most expensive weapons delivery platforms in Aviation history. Being remarkably expensive, comes with being remarkably capable for its mission designation. It can slip into enemy territory, nearly unseen, drop a sizeable load of ‘******ed’ iron bombs, or deliver a nuclear payload with the same level of accuracy. The B-2 is very expensive, and not cheap to maintain, but its capabilities make it very useful. The B-2 is literally defenseless against Air Interceptors like the MiG-29, but the interceptors must first find the B-2, which is next to impossible.

A-10 ‘Thunderbolt II’ - The A-10 is one of aviation history’s greatest legends, being nearly perfect for its Close Air Support designation. The A-10 was designed with a similar mission to that of the Apache, to stop the feared Soviet Tank Force in its tracks. To many the A-10 is not pretty, but that comes from its completely functional design. Combining extremely effective 30mm high muzzle velocity cannon, with many different payload combinations, the A-10 can do just about any Air to Ground Job. The A-10 usually does carry a small compliment of Air to Air Missiles, so it is not defenseless against other aircraft, though it is wise to protect your A-10’s with more capable Air to Air Fighters. The A-10 operates exceedingly well with Air Superiority on its side, without it, it becomes more vulnerable and easily shot down.

B-52 ‘StratoFortress’ - The defining Cold War weapon, brought into service in 1952 shortly after the Cold War began, the B-52 is the defining bomber of the 20th and 21st Centuries. It is not invulnerable, and can be shot down, however, if a B-52 delivers its payload, the damage will be immense. The B-52 was originally designed as a nuclear payload carrier, however, it has only been used as a ******ed bombs delivery platform. It has the largest bomb payload of nearly any aircraft, and ‘Carpet Bombing’ was literally re-defined from its old WWII definition.

Su-34 ‘Flanker’ - The SU-34 is one of the premier Eastern Aircraft, manufactured by Sukhoi Aircraft company. It is a very nimble Air to Air Interceptor, and can easily fulfill the Fighter/Bomber’s responsibilities. It has unique radars pointing to the front and rear, allowing it to target enemy Aircraft unlike most of its contemporaries. The SU-34 ‘Flanker’ can hold its own in Aerial Warfare, and can be a problem to ground forces. However, it will have some difficulties against the most recent and advanced Air Interceptors like the F-22 ‘Raptor’.
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