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General DO's and DON'T's for new(ish) players

Discussion in 'Strategy Section' started by ExpiredReign, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. ExpiredReign

    ExpiredReign Deity

    Jan 3, 2013
    Civilization V, whether modded with CPP or not, is a very basic game that has some complex mechanics built-in. Understanding what you the player can do as well as what the AI routines can do is a good start in winning the game and having a civilisation to "stand the test of time".

    Play at a level you are comfortable with, not what you feel is the best.
    By this I mean you need to hone your skills before moving up to the next level. Players that can win at 'Deity' may offer advice that seems odd to you because the game makes it so, based on difficulty. If you can't yet win at King but find Prince too easy, just stick with it. Easy victories do not provide the best tutelage.

    Make choices of tech research based on the surroundings you find yourself in.
    You may really want to build the Great Library in your current game, but if the map you are on means you need to focus on techs that are on another path, so be it, leave the wonder for another game.

    Take control of your cities and assign workers and specialists yourself.
    As good as the AI is, it isn't anywhere as good as the human brain. Wonders can be built faster, gold can accumulate quicker, faith is amassed easier and policies unlocked quicker when YOU decide which yield to focus on.

    Go in for the kill!
    In battle try to finish off units before they escape. A healed unit with XP gains will be harder to kill next time!

    Train your units.
    Keep an eye on the XP gain of your units and if a unit nearing a new level can do some damage, even when near death, do so. It gains some health on level up and it is stronger for the next battle.

    Use the terrain to YOUR advantage.
    Based on the promotions of your, and the AI's units, battles over rivers, in forests/jungles/hills or at sea can be won or lost if you give up the advantage.
    Even a scout in forest on a hill can stand its ground for a while against same era units.

    Always finish a fight, even when it isn't yours.
    Especially if you are going 'Authority', hang around fights with you scouts and see if you can deal the final blow and get that boost for killing the unit.

    Don't listen to the 'man'.
    The game advice about which plot to improve or which site to found the city on is not always the best option, don't allow it to dictate what happens.

    Don't play every game the same way.
    You may have favourite techs and units or playstyles but each game is very situational, make choices based on the game you are playing now! This means the choices you want when starting the game may need to change as new information is revealed.

    Automatic research is not the best, don't listen to it.
    The civ you are playing may need to research a tech to be at its best but getting there is your choice, Don't select the final tech and allow the game to fill in the blanks. In fact refrain from researching too many levels from the current. Vital techs needed to get your civilisation up and functioning will be skipped if you beeline for that 'special' tech.

    "I said go there!"
    The path-finding in CPP has been improved greatly but it is still woeful compared to your choices.
    Don't click a city and send your missionaries off, they will wander into enemy territory and take attrition damage before they get there.
    Other units may take a position on a tile that your unit will end its turn on so it will re-calculate and often back-track only to re-visit the same spot again, and again, and again.
    Assign your workers as you want when it comes to roads. (Other tasks are pretty good but road placement is still a bit... strange.)

    Don't waste a unit on a sub-par enemy.
    If your unit will deal more than twice the damage to a unit to finish it when another unit may do the job, choose the unit that does just enough for the task and use the greater strength one for something else.

    Don't be confused by the 'Military advisor'.
    Battle outcomes are not as straight-forward as the advisor popup may suggest.
    'Decisive victory' may actually result in a stubborn straggler standing his ground.
    'Stalemates' also sometimes are more one-sided than there appear so use judgment and examine the actual figures in the combat panel.
    This is especially useful when you are clearing barbarian camps and another player's unit is nearby. Very annoying to deal massive damage to then find that straggler being cleaned up by someone else.
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