Gerbil Ball


Sep 9, 2006
Subtitle: And other odd football variations

I'm entirely out of anything to read online right now, so before I go find some paper thing to read I figured Id post up this idea. Ill come back in the morning to see who hasn't posted and maybe fix errors or add things. Anyways.

What if you could play football in civ 5? Why? Because it would be interesting, especially building the AI to work with the new concept. So here is how I see it working.

This is all based on a scenario map of a football field. The ball holder gets a promotion that marks him as the holder to the AI. The promotion has a chance to "drop" upon being attacked. If its dropped a civilian gerbil unit spawns and randomly moves 1-2 spaces away from the dropper. 1 movement point to pick up the ball. Get it to the end of the field and you get a victory point. Game ends when time is up (some amount of turns, not sure yet) and the player with the most victory points wins.

Thats the most base part of the game. If I can get that stuff out of the way I could make unique teams (civs) and coaches (leaders) that could have different units and/or abilities. Also different types of balls such as a pigskin which slows the holder down, spawns a pig instead of a gerbil and maybe fights back (not entirely sure on this). Think blood bowl but in civ.

I'd be happy with suggestions or even somewhat positive criticism. I imagine the hardest part will be getting the ball to work properly. And then getting the AI to focus on the ball without ignoring would be blockers entirely.
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