Preventing AI from choosing certain social policies or ideologies

Andrew Harlane

Nov 30, 2016
Hello everybody! I've just discovered this game and found an enormous set of options to simulate global geopolitics. However, some questions remain unsolved regarding modding. More precisely, how could I mod the game so as to disable or prevent a certain civ from choosing a concrete social policy or ideology? For instance, I decide to use a North Korea civ with Kim-Jong-Un as leader. I'd like its AI did not adopt any social policy or ideology related to democracy or freedom. In other words, my aim is force its AI to develop a restricted number of policies in accordance with the authoritarian regime existing in that country. I've come up with several ideas, but not sure whether they are doable. They are the following:
1) Create new AI traits to reduce the likelihood of choosing policies related to democracy. You know, there are traits like air unit production or forgiveness, for example, meant to drive the behaviour of the AI player. I do not even know whether there exists the possibility of adding any new AI traits.
2) Create prerrequisites to make certain social policies available. For example, if I could implement a fictional tech as a prerrequisite to choose democracy and then I set it as unresearchable, the North Korea leader could not choose democracy at all. Again, I am not sure about the viability of this idea, although I am aware it can be performed to lock a certain unit or building.
I have not found answers to these questions so far, so I would appreciate any suggestions or explanations intended to make my ideas to come true. If not doable, I would cease to brood on them and would save plenty of time.
Thank you so much in advance.
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