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Tempting OCC location - but Restarts are off, and we are not White. Oh well, can't have everything. Lots of ocean could make KRC worth doing early for extra shields and low probability of pollution. Only one settler hampers improving the Plains, but the two Whales should keep most workers in the water. The starter techs mean Monarchy can be researched on the second round if you choose Code of Laws on the first, which should be enough to deter the "Horse First" crowd. I wince a bit when we get Pottery up front - I like to wait till after I get three trade routes in my SSC before taking it, because it sometimes shifts the commodities to open up an unblocked supply. Since we are starting extremely south I presume the rest of the island looks worse than our starting location. Worth a try.
Feasibility of OCC also depends on how many civs are in the game. 4 or 5 would be best. Pottery is actually useful in this setting because it is on the way to seafaring which allows Harbors which is essential for growth here.

King Richard would be very useful here, but one should plan for it early and get it as soon as possible. Should one go that route, a settler and improvement of the land may be delayed till Engineers are available.
I don't like any missing civs when playing OCC - I get Marco Polo as soon as possible and establish alliances with all, so the more civs the more alliance gifts. Plus when I WLTCD my city I tend to go up and down the Power Rating scale - I've even made it to Supreme with an early Shakes, only to fall back down as the other civs catch up. You are right about Pottery here, though - an early Harbor and KRC can take your city into the mid teens.
Hmm... What about the next Gotm? So few people have been playing it... I think I'll try it too.
I should finish this one this weekend. (Been somewhat busy and muchly distracted.)
so when do we find the results?

and when does the Hall of Fame page get updated?
BS - The results are usually posted about 2 months after the submission deadline, but it probably depends a lot on how busy the mods are. The HOF was down for a long time [a year ?], but it has been updated twice in the last 6 months or so. I am also curious to see the next updates.

IIRC a couple of players have offered to help with the work, but AFAIK the mods prefer to do it themselves.
Results are up! Duke posted the results for #54, 55 and 56 over the weekend. Can you believe Old n Slow did an OCC Conquest?
ElephantU said:
Results are up! Duke posted the results for #54, 55 and 56 over the weekend. Can you believe Old n Slow did an OCC Conquest?

Not sure I know what an OCC Conquest is... does that mean razing only ?
I know we are a bit far down the track by now but as the GOTM 56 results are still there on the results page I still stare at them from time to time and I could not help noticing not only the more obvious good performances including the OCC conquest(!) but also Carrot's 6th century spaceship. Just how do they do that? One day I shall just have to try harder.

Also my thanks to Peaster and others - my 'early finish' play has improved loads thanks to their advice on this forum.

Happy new year, Kenobi
Kenobi: Welcome to the GOTMs!! We are all glad to see new players here, and everybody shares ideas. I can't tell you anything about spaceships though! (b/c I don't know anything)

Ali: Belated thanks! (for the congrats) I have been playing for gold the last few months with some thought to challenging Smash's spot in the HOF. You and Grigor have also had good results, so the next update may be interesting... well... maybe to me anyway. :)
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