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  1. ThesaurusRex

    [C3C] Conquests Scenario Doesn't Appear in Hall of Fame

    I just completed the Middle Ages scenario which took me several weeks thereabouts. Right as I won my VP victory, I check the HoF and...nothing. I'd really like to go through the scenarios in order and fill up the Hall of Fame, but I'm not ABOUT to start that mess up again...is there any way to...
  2. S

    [BTS] Hall of fame player log: why adopt religious civic with no state religion?

    I read "<player> has adopted organized religion / pacifism" in the hall of fame player logs. They have not converted to a state religion yet. In the same player log, it says "<player> has converted to <religion>". So, when the player converts to a state religion, this is recorded in the...
  3. Seraiel

    [BTS] Replay #10.2 : An Attemp at an 11 Points Settler Quattromasters Game

    Hi fellow Readers! I originally posted a Replay #10 Thread in which everybody could have seen a Game from me in which I terribly get dominated by my own rustyness. As an explanation, I have made a break from Civilization IV for almost 6 years. I wish I could write in German, because my English...
  4. Seraiel

    [BNW] Tried out the Trial version of CIV5

    I originally wanted to keep playing CIV4, and also will do so, because I found out, that it's still the best game of all times. Gameplay is just worth more than Graphics. But I tried, and the graphics are really nice. I' ll still stay with Civilization IV, maybe for all times, maybe only until...
  5. Seraiel

    [BTS] I forgot, Please deliver US another Deity GOTM

    Right after downloading the challenger starting file I noticed, that this game wouldn' t give me any benefits onto achieving My Pantheon of Heroes reward. This is why I kindly ask the staff to generate and worldbuild a Deity-BOTM
  6. J

    Hall of Fame Losing Progress

    I have noticed in the last day or so that my progress in my Civilization VI Hall of fame has been losing some of it's progress on some of the leaders I have won games with. I keep saved games close to the time frame that the wons occurred so I decided to load one of the games up finish winning...
  7. Browd

    Quick Questions and Answers

    Browd submitted a new resource: Quick Questions and Answers - Quick Questions and Answers Read more about this resource...
  8. phantomksu

    [GS] Gathering Storm Hall of Fame confusion

    I am totally lost on how this feature works (IE, how to populate it), aside from completing a brand new game. I watched the stream with the Eleanor play, and Ed mentions at the end that if you have old saved games/files, you can "load them up and populate the Hall of Fame".....whatever that...
  9. Grotius

    [GS] Can old wins appear in the Hall of Fame?

    Is there a way to persuade the new Hall of Fame to acknowledge the victories I earned before Gathering Storm? I thought I heard the devs mention this option during one of their livestreams, but I don't see a way to do it. My Hall of Fame is empty right now! Thanks in advance, and apologies if...
  10. Grotius

    [R&F] Request: Hall of Fame

    I've searched this forum, and Google, for a Hall of Fame mod. I can't find one. All I want is a simple list of my wins, losses, scores, difficulty level, leader/civ, and dates. Icing on the cake might include a list of Wonders I built, maybe the tourism level. I know scores don't necessarily...
  11. M

    [BERT] Hall of Fame

    When I access the HoF in B.E.R.T. I'm told that I have "not completed any games", this despite having "won" as every Sponsor - usually by "domination". I receive the short victory video and am shown the screen with the game result. I'm playing as a duel ( 2 players ) against the AI - with no...
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