Have you beaten the Alexander the Great scenario?


Sep 9, 2007
I am playing the Alexander the Great scenario for the first time. I'm on Noble. Things started out well until I got into the middle east. I managed to take Tyre and Sidon and BAM!, I started getting hammered with big stacks of units. It took forever to fight my way east and take the next two cities; now I'm down to less than 80 turns left and dont even have half of the cities on the map taken!:eek:

Have you beaten this scenario? What strategy did you use?

I am using a mix of phalanx, swordsmen, cats, and the unpronouncable replacement for the axeman. I just cant generate enough units to keep up with the onslaught that Persia is throwing at me AND defend my cities.
Thanks for the linkage. I had done some searching around for walk throughs or discussions, but I guess I didnt dig deep enough.
The links are pretty old and the threads for the most part are dead, though if you post in them we may be able to revive them for a time. :)
It took me a few tries, but I beat it (on Noble) by mostly razing cities. I captured the first city to use as a staging ground for reinforcements, but razed everything else along my rampaging way. With my original big army, I just kept going east, east, east, stopping only to wait a couple turns for reinforcements to catch up when needed. I used a separate army later on to go south and do Egypt. No defense required other than about 8 phalanx in my initial conquered city, and 2 forts blocking the land access points to my territory, with about 4 phalanx stationed at each. Just kept cranking out new units in as many cities as affordable, and piled them up in the staging-ground city until a new good-sized army was amassed, then sent them out to reinforce either the eastern or southern army.

When the southern army is done in Egypt, it can go east and clean up any leftovers from the first army and/or start working on India, etc.

When you get the quick-travel techs at the end of the research tree, you'll be able to shoot reinforcements all the way across the map in just a few turns. That said, you still really have to crank eastward, not wasting any time, if you want to finish within the time limit.

I have seen several references to razing. I have not been given that option. When I capture a city, it's mine automatically. Does it have to do with having "Minimize Popups" enabled?
I played on Monarch and found it to be similar to the Rise of Rome scenario, which I commented on heavily.


Basically drive Persia far enough so that you can hit Egypt as hard as you can while stiff-arming Persia. Egypt has some nice wonders and/or cities if I remember correctly. Then keep marching east.

Also, I didn't even know that you could cease fire with ANYBODY until the game was almost over; that would have helped as I could have bought some extra time and economic recuperation. You can also cease fire with one civ for a while to let war weariness cool off, while declaring war on another civ in the meantime. That would help a LOT.

Due to my Rise of Rome experience, I quickly realized the importance of gold, and I spent most of the game with high gold and culture (war weariness dampener).

I would use very large stacks for your operation as per the Rise of Rome scenario.
This is how I've beat it a few times: (tried to get higher score on each attempt)
(Noble level)

Take the first four or five cities. (easy)

Declare peace and regroup for battle on the Egyptian and Persian fronts similtaniosly.

Egypt will have massive amounts of either elephants or catapults- so you'll have to
counter with horseman or spearman.

Persia will be the most difficult. You have to get the two immediately east cities on
a prolonged assalt campaign, while keeping up preasure on the s. eastern city.
Do a lot of pillageing, and keep the ai chasing after the cheap horse units.
Once you take these three cities, the worst is over. (this is the hardest part of the

As you work your way east, you'll start getting enough armys that you can fairly easily take out the other two civs. (One at a time, of course)

While doing all this, I usually have a city making the cheap horse unit and a spearman, and send them exploring to find any stray barbarian cities and do pillaging automatically. I try to take the barbarian cities after they reach population
two or three, and they can be quite productive. ( keep a few units by their cities
just for this purpose) Also, try to spread out archers as lookouts everywhere,
as you won't win the scenerio if a hidden barbarian city pops up on the last move...

The trick to beating the move limit is to have an army ready to move all the way thru the Persian territory to his far eastern cities before you've taken them all along the way. Persia will be pretty decimated by now, and if your army is big enough,
you won't even be bothered moving it thru enemy turf. I always keep a few horseman with this group to pillage along the way-
by this time the main source of income.

Good hunting!
I tried first on Noble, then on chieftan. Both times I got to the Middle east, then got decimated by HUGE stacks of both immortals from Persia and War Elephants from Egypt. I kept losing so I finally gave up:cry: :cry: :cry: :mad: :(

But now I'm going to try and try again until I beat this scenario;) :lol: :lol:
It's not too hard, except if you haven't beaten down Persia by the time they get the "Army Servants" (ie: with its uber +4 road movement bonus), you're in for a very hard slog, as their immortals and horses will wear down your stacks big time. I don't think the AI should get that bonus: with their production capacity, it's a bit too much.
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