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Feb 6, 2002
I am playing the GOTM. I captured Orleans and Rheims from the French. Hooray for me! After a short peace I wiped the French off of the continent. Hooray again.

The problem is that Orleans and Rheims will not forget the cruel oppression I have bore down on them. All of the other cities I captured much later are fine, and have much bigger populations. These two only have pop. of one and I can't even put that one person to work. I thought building a temple would fix the problem. With noone working that took forever. Well now I'm crying for help. These two cities will drag me down if they stay this way. they each have 2 troops and are getting 3 luxuries apiece. Does anyone know how to fix this snafu?

Help me Obi-Wan Kenobe your my only hope!
If a city doesn't have an important wonder, you can get rid of the unhappiness by disbanding the city with a settler and rebuilding. If the city is size 2 or 3, just pop rush a settler and make sure there isn't any excess food being produced. If the city is larger than 3, pop rush a unit or two, and then a settler. If you happen to be in a form of government that doesn't allow pop rushing, you can just rush settlers out to decrease population.

Sometimes the AI can build up 100's of turns of unhappiness in their cities, disbanding only costs a few turns to do.
i'm presuming you are playing v1.17 cos 2 troops and 3 luxuries would always make a size 1 city content otherwise.
if so then a temple may not even fix the job and, as aeson says, disbanding is the only option.

What I meant was,at 2 hit points barbarians are not much opposition and are therefore handy target practice for your veteran(all your units should be at least this)and this leads to getting elite units which at 5 hit points seem to get some kinda exponetial boost,which when your attacked or attack by other civs you stand a greater chance of getting great leaders.
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