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Help Installing mod pack (MAC)

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Macintosh' started by Irish Hero23, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. Irish Hero23

    Irish Hero23 Chieftain

    Sep 1, 2017

    I am really lost and have been looking at the forums here in order to install mods into Civ 6 purchased through the App Store for Mac.

    I've gotten as far as: downloading a mod (YnAMP) then compressing it to a zip. Then putting that mod into the "mod folder", but when I go to additional content in the game, it doesn't show up.

    Help is VERY much needed, please...

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  2. Olleus

    Olleus Deity

    Oct 30, 2005
    You need to unzip it, not zip it up. Zipping is a type of compression, generally speaking programs treat zip files as just a single file to ignore rather than content to be read.
    You're final file path should read something like
    /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Mods/8AgesOfPace/8AgesOfPace.modinfo
    Obviously, replace 8AgesOfPace with the relevant mod.

    OR: you can go to steam, subsrcibe to the mod, wait 5sec for it to download and then launch the game. No need to go digging around at all if you do it that way.
  3. SirWill90

    SirWill90 Warlord

    Dec 13, 2016
    Morgantown, WV, USA
    I have Caps Lock installed due to having run it on my Windows version and it seems to have automatically loaded or installed itself as an option on my Mac version (now that I can play again thanks to the recent Aspyr patch.) I can enable/disable it via the normal Civ VI menu, although it doesn’t seem to make any difference. If I want to verify the file is installed in High Sierra somewhere, or to remove it, where do I look? This is my first Mac and I am not exactly competent on it yet.

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