Help me write a poem of sumthing.


Legalize Pot
Dec 12, 2000
Te Puke, New Zealand
ok people, valentines day on thursday!, for me, thats just more than 24hrs away.

So, i need a nice poem to write to my gf, whose name is amy.

Wanna help?

Help me write one myself,
Or Get me a good pre made one.

Anyway, howsiz sound?

'hello amy, i know i am lamey
writing a poem myself
and i could use your help
but romantic it would be not
anyway, your real hot, and i like you alot
yes, i'm cheesy i knows
accept my apoligies, have this rose'
Hey, if she likes it, she's probably a keeper! ;)
does that mean my poems bad??? :rolleyes:

Urgent: TF please make this a sticky, urgent etc.... everyone must give me ideas
Well, it's like you said... a little cheesy....

But a gal who likes even the cheesy things you say--well, that gal's worth keeping....

You give her that poem, and give her a big fat kiss....
Ok, amy, I know I am lamey,
And you'll probably call me cute
your freinds will think it's a hoot
but coz i love you so much
i'll let you get away with it this once
yes i'm writing a poem myself
I could do with your help
to find something to rhyme
to give to you, my beloved valentine
but nothing good rhymes with i love you

yes i'm cheesy i know, before it grows
accept my apoligies, have this rose'
waaaah!!! her freinds called me cute! *blurgh!!!!*

why did i bother? Oh well, at least i will be getting sex :D

oh im a bastard
How about this one, scorch:

Jagged flesh stripped bare
Torn across a cyanide stare
Oh, you shall die, my pretty
And never see what you wish
Oh, you shall die, my pretty
And feel the wrath of my whip.

Know that we shall ever be
Bound in darkest eternity
Though night and day fade to void
All that shall remain
Will be the flickering dance of desire
The waning stars of memory
And the echo of the last flame.
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