Help with making a personal mod for myself!

Sep 13, 2019
I want to completely rewrite Germany's Unique Ability, combine some unique units from other vox populi mods, and use it for a personal mod for myself to use.

"Blood and Iron"
Bullying city-states will grant a boost to great engineers, merchants, and scientists in the Capital. +1 delegate for every conquered City-State. +2 production, gold, and food in the capital for every conquered city-state, scaling with era.

(from TarcisioCM'German Empire for VP)

(from TarcisioCM'German Empire for VP)

Krupp Gun
(from 3rd and 4th Unique Components mod for VP)

The problem is that I have no idea how to code this mod into existence for three reasons:
1) How do I change the Unique Units of Germany with Unique Units from other mods?
2) How do I change the Unique Ability of Germany and make it compatible with Vox Populi?

^tl;dr I know the basics of civ 5 coding through videos and tutorials, but I just need help with the questions above!


Nov 1, 2020
1) Import the unit definitions and assets into your mod, then change the Civilization_UnitClassOverrides table to include your new units and not the old ones.
2) First part sounds like lua work, although I'm not sure if there's a gameevent related to tributes so you might need to work around that. Second part sounds like a dummy building you'd add with lua.
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