A Brief Update Going Forward


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Dec 19, 2017
Hey all,

It took longer than expected for me to get through some personal issues. My time is short so I will keep this brief.
  • Regarding VP Congress Session #7, it will take place at the beginning of April. The schedule will be adjusted accordingly.

  • I must also regrettably announce the resignation of @Hinin as one of the three VP Congress Magi. Thank you for your excellent service!

  • If you are interested in taking the role of one of the three Magi, send me a message by conversation. I will respond later in the month.

  • March will be used to get through a lot of outstanding structural work, particularly in the (1) Community Patch mod, add in the remaining few proposals that haven't been implemented yet, and provide proper playtesting time for Version 4.5.1, which was the culmination of many balance changes. Given the reduced playtesting time in previous sessions, I think some extended time getting used to the mod's new state would be especially beneficial.

  • In addition, midway through March I intend to start a community discussion and gather some ideas from the community about the direction of Vox Populi going forward - regarding goals and structure. I originally planned to do this on the Discord server, but thought it would be more effective to host this on CivFanatics (because posts here tend to be longer and more thought out with rationale). I'm still thinking about exactly how I want to go about this, though.

  • The goal is to end up with a project roadmap. It's not necessarily one that has an end goal like the fabled Gold version of the past, but more of a general sense of direction as to what we want to see happen going forward. I feel like having a more unified vision would be beneficial.
As there will be no VP Congress proposals this month, developers who want to and can help out are encouraged to help reduce the GitHub issue count. I will be jumping in later in the month and helping to debug anything that remains, which will more likely than not be a substantial amount.

Thank you for your patience, everyone.
Thanks for all the work you put in, greatly appreciated.
I'm a product manager in a software company, so if you want to bounce around ideas about the process to put in place for your "direction of Vox populi" initiative, happy to talk.
Very exciting time to be a Civ fan :)
Huge thanks to you Recursive and to all the community. Some will see delays and deadlocks. I see steady progress toward the best 4X experience ever.
Take care of you all, cheers !
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