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Transform a custom civ into a modular civ

My advice would be to just download one of the modular civs from the database and than just edit it to fit the new one you want.
I just changed the path on all the XML's but they didnt appear in my game i don't know why

I have a mod called CIV GOLD wih a bunch of custom civs (in a folder) so i changed the XML path's of the Civ4artdefine_ files to that folder but it didnt work

I did the exact same with other civs i wanted to add in my folder (for example the Normandy civ from LOUIS THE XIV) and it worked but not for these two

I was wondering f if someone could do it for me ? Or has any solution for me to fix it ?

Checked again and it didnt worked, i did the same with others civs mods and it worked fine but these 2 just wont show up in my game...

I tried multiple times with multiple replacements file paths.
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