Feb 25, 2002
im a super newb, and i need a good explanation on to how to add units in the game without it crashing

ps. i think the people that made civ 3 are very unprofesional to make part of the game that doesnt work unless you really know what your doing, and it doesn't explain this. Please anwser please
Here's the deal.
(1) add a unit using the editor.
(2) close the editor and find the following folder.
C:/program files/infrogrammes interactive/civilization3/art/units.
(3)create a new folder with the same name as the unit you have added.
(4)into this folder put all the files for the unit you have downloaded/created, except for the pcx files.
(5)put the pcx files into the following folder.
C:/program files/infrogrammes interactive/civilization3/art/civilodedia/icons/units

And that should do it!

NB also note if you change the name of the unit after you download it, you will have to make sure that the name given in the editor matches the name of the folder in the arts folder. AND that the (ini) file for the unit is also renamed to match.
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