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Oct 24, 2000
I'm the new moderator here :)
Lets just keep the forum clean so i don't have to use my mod powers ;)
Hi, good to see you... (not that any moderator action has ever been required here, or at least not to the best of my knowledge)

You wouldn't by any chance be the same Sun Tzu as on Apolyton would you? The one who discovered how to make the AI terraform? I can't imagine that you are, but never say never...
Yeah i'm SunTzu at apolyton but i don't think i've ever discovered anything :D
Nah i'm just simply SunTzu :) no spaces or anything
'Sup SunTzu (or is it Gregorius Luxius?)! Remember Me(aka Austin the Great)?

I used to have CTP, but it was too slow on my computer, so I gave it away.
Originally posted by Austin IronFist
I used to have CTP, but it was too slow on my computer, so I gave it away. [/B]

Hmm, odd. You're the second person here in a short period of time to say that the game is slow. I used to run it on a P200 32mB and the game was as smooth as a baby... Is your system much slower than mine? If not, have you tried turning of animations and such? It helps an awful lot...
AUSTIN! I haven't seen you in ages! I knew you in the early days of civcenter forums...We were worried, there was a thread about your absence...then those forums went down.

Oh, and have fun modding the empty forum, SunTzu... :rolleyes:
I can't even remember how long I was gone from the CivCenter forums. I was just taking a break, I guess, I have a lot of other forums to visit, also! Hope the forums over there get back up soon.
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