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High Things and No-Resource modpack


Dec 25, 2001
Here is the readme file.
This is my third modpack for Civ 3, a combination of my previous 2. I zip and unzip files with WinImp.
I.Contact e-mail: fantasy_sports_player_2002@yahoo.com
II.Install Instructions:
1.Unzip to any directory that does not include a civ3mod.bic
2.go to your Civ 3 directory, normally (Hard Drive Letter):\Program Files\Infogames Interactive\Civilization 3\ and rename civ3mod.bic to defaultciv3mod.bic or whatever you can remember.
3.Move the file to the Civ 3 directory.
III.Uninstall Instructions
1.Delete the file or rename it noresourcehighthingsciv3mod.bic if you want to use it again.
2.Rename the defaultciv3mod.bic or whatever you named it to civ3mod.bic.
IV.Posting this on your site
Please DO NOT sell this modpack. Modpacks are not copyrighted unless the author pays the U.S. government to copyright it so I cannot restrict you from posting it on your site, but if it was copyrighted, I would not do that.
renamed Republic to Roman Republic and Democracy to Federal Republic
added Pure Democracy as a gov
resources not required to build anything
Resources and terrain produce 20 more of food, shields, and gold each turn.
Please contact me in my e-mail or on a forum this is posted.


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