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Housing sistem based in CIV6


Apr 9, 2020
Ray, I would like to suggest the implementation of a Housing system (based in CIV6 one), in the game, similar to the functioning of the new Harbor/Barracks systems that were recently implemented.

The idea would be to add 4 new buildings that would be MANSAO, MASONRY HOUSE, WOOD HOVEL, SENZALA. which would just be represented as small icons at the top of the screen for cities, similar to the icon for harbor/Barracks.

MANSION - Destined to house priests, politicians, doctors, governor, famous noble and other units that could be educated in a university.
MASONRY HOUSE - Intended to house tobacconists, weavers, and other units that could be educated at a college.
WOOD HOVEL - Destined to house free colonist, indentured servant, farmers, sugar planter and other units that could be educated in a schoolhouse.
SENZALA - Destined to store Africans/Native Slaves and Criminals.

These constructions would be repeatable, so the player would have to build them in order to add these units to the city. For me it was always a little strange because it is possible for the player to direct several ships full of units and then from one turn to the next and then you can add several units in a city making the population grow very quickly. And it is all the more strange that units representing high society, politicians and famous nobles can simply be accommodated overnight in a colonial city.

Historically, when the Portuguese royal family arrived in the colony of Brazil, many of the nobles did not have accommodations up to their expectations and had to stay in the best houses of the common population, which generated discontent among the nobles. So perhaps, not providing housing with the necessary quality could cause unhappiness, or even prevent the settlement of the class of units that lack specific housing (Example, if a city has 1 mansion and 2 politicians settled, it generates unhappiness, if the player tries to settle the 3rd politician, the city does not allow it due to lack of housing space).
the cities would start with some WOOD HOVEL and MASONRY HOUSE spaces. Maybe 10 WOOD HOVEL and 2 MASONRY HOUSE, or some other balance value. So the player should build more buildings to increase these spaces.

In addition to the hammer cost, some additional resources would be required to build certain types of houses.
MANSION - Hardwood, pottery goods (representing bricks), househood goods and Luxury goods. Each building constructed provides +1 mansion house space.
MASONRY HOUSE - pottery goods (representing bricks) and househood goods. Each building constructed provides +5 masonry house space.
WOOD HOVEL - lumber and househood goods. Each building constructed provides +10 wood hovel house space.
SENZALA - stone and lumber. Each building built provides +10 slave house space.

As I'm not a modder, it's up to availability, and the ease of implementing this concept, as I know there's already a lot of work to be done to release this new version with the plains and yelds branches.

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Civ4Col Modder
Jan 24, 2011
Stuttgart, Germany
Some comments:

I had thought about a housing system already myself in the past.
But it is a lot of effort for very little gameplay value. :dunno:

I fully agree that it is realistic to require housing for population.
Realistic however does not necessarily mean that it is also fun.

As currently described it just sounds tedious with very little "strategic challenge".
Also it is not that easy to have it nicely integrated in UI and also nicely display it on the map.


In other words:
I am not going to invest my own effort into this.
If somebody else will implement it himself, I would give it a try to play with it.
(If it does not cause issues e.g. to gameplay, AI or UI.)


Generally that is the beauty of modding. :)
Everybody is free to implement his own ideas and concepts.


By the way:

Many people probably do not know, but only 50% of my concepts and prototypes made / make it into the mod as final features.
The other 50% are abandoned because I realize that they are no fun or are too much effort to finalize or technically do not work properly.

And still sometimes these prototypes get finished years later when I have a new idea that actually makes them work ...
So it is perfectly ok to come up with new stuff and simply try it out - sometimes it just takes time to mature into something great.
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Apr 9, 2020
Ok, in the end it really would just be a tool to restrict the player's rapid expansion, but since it wouldn't generate any benefit besides being able to settle a unit (something that is now free, you only need to have 2 food) it would be seen by many players only as a constraint.

Maybe the idea can really be matured in the future. Thank's Ray
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