How could I make my game run faster?


Feb 14, 2002
I have just bought CIV 3 and it generally runs pretty slow. My PC isnt that good, but are there any little tweaks i could do to make it slightly faster??????
download the latest update, it allow you to remove animation.

wich make your cpu run the game a LOT faster. remove sound
turn off programs in background, turn off music, dont play on huge map with 16 civs, try like a standard or maybe large with 5 or less

to exit out of all programs, press CTRL-ALT-DELETE and press end task out of all programs BUT Explorer, Systray, and Civ 3. (If its open)

Good Luck!!!:goodjob:
To close all your programs, download a useful program called EndItAll. Just search for it. It closes all your programs, nice and easy.
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