How do you like them apples?

Dec 5, 2005
One of my out of the box complaints was that the zoom levels in the game were all wrong.

Exploring My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\config.ini, I discovered that there's a Minimum Zoom Level setting; the comment calls for 11.0 by default but 4.0 for "debugging".

So I turned it down to 4.0....

First observation - the rivers still look like crap, but when you zoom in it you can actually see some water action. It's not as well done as the ocean waves, and the color of the water is wrong, but it's clear that they invested more effort than firing up MS Paint.

Second observation - those green circle that show the food yield are apples, which to my way of thinking was a nice easter egg. The more observant of you will have surmised that these closely match their larger brothers that appear elsewhere in the UI.

Yesterday, I thought they were simply matching colors. Perhaps I need a new graphics card or a new prescription.

The useful question to ask would be "can you identify common buildings in a city using the zoom view?" I don't have a save to load for checking, sorry.

:apple: <-- Yeah, I didn't think that was going to work.
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