How is Final score worked out??


Mar 21, 2009
Hi all :)

Thanks for any information given, but I was just wondering if anyone knew the mechanics of how the score was worked out.

In the old game there were quite a few places which listed how the score was worked out, but I am, as of yet unable to find such a thing.

Eg in the original colonization it was worked out something like this:

+1 for each Petty Criminal / Indentured Servant
+2 for each Free Colonist
+4 for each Skilled Colonist
+5 for each Founding Father
+1 for every 1000 gold in your treasury (although the manual states 250 gold)
+1 for every liberty bell produced after foreign intervention (sounds like an excuse to drag out the war?)
+1 for each percentage point of rebel sentiment (maximum 100)
-(difficulty + 1) for each native settlement you destroy

The native penalty reflects morality, the greater difficulty of finding good sites where villages AREN'T and not getting the loot when you plunder them. You can capture treasure trains from another power while they're taking them back to port anyway. And if you wait long enough the Spanish will destroy all the villages anyway, they're very efficient even when you arm the natives.

You get a bonus for an early revolution. Independence before other powers:

* First: +100%
* Second: +50%
* Third: +25%

Given that you knew this, you could change your strategy once you were familiar with everything to increase your score.

However, as of yet I am unable to work out how Civ 4 Colonizatino score is worked out. I noticed in the patch changes it said that it now only depends on Land and Founding Fathers...

Does anyone know the equation of how its worked out?

Thanks in advance :)

I am also confused by the scoring system. One of my disappointments with the new game is that they did not use the same comprehensive scoring system of the original. Not only did they dumb it down, but they then screwed that up as well.

If you go to the main screen and toggle on the 'Scores Display' then mouse over your name it purports to show your current score. It is calculated as Land plus Founding Fathers minus Tax Rate. This is the base score, but when calculating the 'normalised' score from that at the end of the game it appears the Tax Rate no longer applies. For instance at the end of my latest game the on-screen display stated 'Total Score = 458. Score by winning this turn = 1131'. I did in fact win that turn and my high scores table shows a base score of 458 and a normalised score of 6566.
It seems like Founding Fathers are a big part of the score I played a game recently and the dutch AI kept getting founding fathers there score was huge I couldn't even touch it. I think the AI get founding fathers too easily I'm playing with the patch by the way :) its Land Plus Founding Fathers - Tax Rate.

Except how do they measure land? Is that the size of your borders? If that is the case, I guess that explains why the game makers don't mind if people give away their colonies to other people in order to boost rebel sentiment - as giving away the colonies gives up your land, and therefore reduces your score. :)

Except this sort of method does encourage people to build one man colonies all over the place, using the liberty bells to expand the borders, and as more population comes in get them producing stuff, before turning them into soldiers at the end.

The founding fathers, as far as I can tell is kind of funny.....I have noticed that if I try to skip most of the founding fathers except for a particular one or two, the other countries catch up really quick - taking up your slack. However, once I have got the first few, they are permenantly on catch up. (At least on Conquisitador/Explorer difficulty).

The only way I have managed to get most of them, is to create like 4 one man colonies to begin with and then put them in the liberty bells....and then build from there with more colonies, lumberjacks and carpenters.

Any further thoughts on the score? On how to boost it - or is it simply a case of getting as many founding fathers I can, while expanding my territory as much? :)
Was thinking of starting a thread related to the scoring, but will ask here instead.

Does your 'score' really matter in terms of tracking how well you are doing compared to the comp nations? Is it a particularly accurate indication of a nations actual level/strength etc? How does it compare to the scoring in Civ4?

I don't really worry too much about my score generally, as it seems to me that all it really tracks is nations' FFs, and there only certain ones of those I really care about. Generally I just kinda tootle along on my own, try and pick up some specific FFs that are useful, and other wise just try and develop my colonies in other ways. What about you guys?
My thing is though, that I can complete the game already. The only difference that I can see making the game worthwhile playing - same as colonization (the first one) is to try and increase your score.

That to me is what give this game playability....can I compete it in a better way?

The score to me, gives me an indication of whether I am playing "better". More land mass under my control and more founding fathers. Ultimately, I would want to hold the whole of a continent......when I can do that, then I know its time for me to stop playing. Or changing to a different map..or maybe try holding 2 continents.
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