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How patient are you?


Dec 30, 2001
Tanasi, USA
I consider myself fairly patient during games; however, there are some events which I drop all carefully laid plans for. Such as:

(1) When a newly captured city flips which contains a GW (e.g. Sistine Chapel), after a peace treaty is negotiated. Although, I was well prepared for the initial offensive and in the process of an arms build-up, I redeclare war with often disasterous results. Can't help it.

(2) When I'm down to one strategic resource (e.g. saltpeter) I'm consumed with fear of it's depletion and begin plans to secure a second. Often this completely changes the dynamics of a smooth running economy and begins to polarize the civs.

(3) When a rival civ is challenging me for the lead and begins a land-grab campaign against a lesser civ. I either join in against the weaker civ or attack the major rival. Too impatient to prepare appropriately.

How patient are you? Would I be a better player if I survived through some events without fighting?
#3 If a rival civ is on a land grab campaign you have a few things to consider: What year is it? How close to victory are you? What kind of victory are you going for? If it's late in the game and you're confident of a space win there's no need for war. If it's earlier in the game (or if you're going to settle for an histographic win) you need cities. Unfortunately, quantitiy counts for alot in this game. You need more temples, libraries etc. for a high score win. Also, you can't let another civ dominate territorially, as they will want more and more land. I wish the AI wasn't so needlessly agressive.

#1 Having a city flip and losing a wonder stinks. But unless your army is primed to destroy the enemy civ I would hold off on war. The problems of war weariness and military concentrated production are too high to start a war over one wonder.

#2 Never go to war just because you are afraid of losing a resource. (saltpeter rarely disappears) You can always trade for it later ( the AI seems to have a weak understanding of the strategic nature of strategic resources [i.e. the Japanese trading me uraniuim in the late game when that is all I need for a space win])

War if too troublesome to go into half-heartedly. When I go to war I try to mass troops beforehand so I can quickly eliminate an enemy civ or at least secure my continent for myself.
Originally posted by Carver

#2 Never go to war just because you are afraid of losing a resource. (saltpeter rarely disappears) You can always trade for it later

never see that on higher levels - they do trade it, but at prices that I cannot pay. And if I do they use my payment to arm up - and then come for me. Usually they don`t even wait 20 turns - after all their reputation isn`t important - only mine.....
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