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How to change save game location?


May 7, 2003
Title says it all - Civ 4 and expansion packs store their save games in
C:\Users\<name>\Documents\My Games\Beyond the Sword\
but I want to store them in
C:\Users\<name>\Saved Games\Beyond the Sword\
and I would like it to be automatic!

Any ideas?

ps. OS is Vista
Yeah there is that option but I'd rather there was a setting i could chance in for example civ.ini (i can't find one there)
Is there any row in .ini - file (or some other place or any other method) to get autosave in every turn? I need this because of graphics problems with game. I'll never know beforehand if Civ IV BtS V 3.13 chrashes and I hate to replay more than one turn.

for vista, i don't know if this works, i never had vista. in XP, to change where your saves move, change the shortcut that you use to start civ4. when you rightclick on it, you'll see Target and it will already have some stuff in there like

"I:\civ4\Beyond The Sword\Civ4BeyondSword.exe"

it does include the ""s. depends where you have the actual game files. you want to leave that part the same, but add next text to the end. add this, quote marks and all:

/ALTROOT="C:\Users\<name>\Saved Games\Beyond the Sword\"

so you end up with:
"I:\.<blah>...Sword.exe" /ALTROOT="C:\Users\<name>\Saved Games\Beyond the Sword\"

all on that line. you probably need to replace <name> with your name, but i'm not sure how vista works ;).

that changes where your saved games go, your .ini file is, screenshots, etc. i've used it forever since i can't stand saved games going to the dirctory that has windows on it.

@Wenla: to autosave every turn, there's a setting in .ini file like:

; Specify the number of turns between autoSaves. 0 means no autosave.
AutoSaveInterval = 1

i think it originally was at 4, i changed mine to 1. if that line isn't in your .ini file, you can add it.
If you want to manually move only a few saves, go to .../Sid Meier's Civilization 4/Saves (or whatever). This will show your saves. Copy/Cut the ones you want and use Explorer to paste em in the folder you want. Doing what KMad does will change where all the saves go.

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