How to Compile the Vox Populi DLL

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Probably a stupid question, but what does it achieve to compile your own DLL? Faster mods loading?
Hi, so I followed the instructions as well as on the Github, and the DLL seems to build just fine, but when I try to replace the DLL from the BuildOutput folder into MODS\(1) Community Patch, the game CTD immediately upon mod log. Looking at the MiniDump and it looks like this fails at CvDllDatabaseUtility, and I think the issue is that the database that it's trying to load is the core vanilla DB instead of the Vox Populi mod DB, but I'm not sure where else to go - kind of stuck here. Has anyone else faced this issue and knows how to resolve it? Thanks!

EDIT: To future modders who may see this message, fix is documented here:
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Please add an information that you have to install VS version chronologically.
If you already have later versions of VS installed, you have to uninstall all of them, and then you can install VS 2008 and Isolated Shell. After that, you can install the later version of VS you want.
Dll Builds with above instructions, but playing in game results with just 1 ai player and no city states, no lux of any kind

tried various map sizes Huge resulted in turn 1 loss Standard plays but with 1 ai player and no city states,

I'm trying to reproduce the Network connection (think its a false positive) issue

Edit - nevemind cleared cache and now city states appear
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The first link in the OP didn't work for me, had to get VS 2008 from here. Not listed in the OP (maybe it used to be bundled in the first link) is the fact that you also have to install 2008 SP1 (probably before VS 2010), which I got from here. As for the IsoShell, I got mine from here, courtesy of u/OfficialPawnStarRick on r/civ5.
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