How to get mods for iPad?


Feb 6, 2014
Sorry, I know that sounds ridiculous....

The thing is, a lot of mods I've seen link to a Steam page, where I have to "subscribe to download the file." But when I subscribe, it says "some games require you to relaunch the program before files will be downloaded."

Problem is, I don't have Civ6 on Steam. I only have it on iOS. I want to download mods files to move over to my iPad. Is there any way to just grab mods' files?? Restricting mods to Steam seems like an amazingly awful way to distribute mods. (I'm used to the FalloutNV and BG2 modding scenes, where you can, wait for it, just get mods and use them as you will :eek: )

EDIT - oh look at that, some mods here have "downlowd now" buttons! Great! Now I just need to find mods here that do what the ones on Steam do (especially slowing tech/civic progression)

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