How to reassign/assign attack animation


Feb 24, 2015
Another question,

I need to be able to split level up promotion for the sea unit; ie. the submarine should not be able to pick the bombardment promotion, I want destroyer to be able to have promotions that battleship wont be able to, etc.

I changed the 'CombatClass' attribute in the unit table so that I could split naval unit and setup the appropriate promotion to each "sub class".
Strangely, my combat animations seem to have be lost... except for my submarine which can run their animations if the other unit kept their.
The combat still works; it just seems to be working as if I'd selected the "fast combat mode" ==> no battle animation.

Is there someone who know how to fix this or, how to be able to set specifics group of promotions for the different units of the same combatClass ?

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