How to run civ 4 more than once?


Jul 11, 2015
Hello, I have a weird question. I have 2 computers, one desktop and one laptop.
I wanted to run the program multiple times, as in tabs. My desktop computer does that but my laptop reopens the already run single tab.

Let me say in details,
in my documents,beyond the sword,saves,world builder folder, when I click any saved file my desktop computer opens another tab which makes me able to run civilization 4 bts game as many times as I want. I can easily alt tab (or press windows buttonto go back desktop) and go to the folder and run more games, creating more tabs. Meanwhile my laptop does not run the game more than once, it just opens the game back, returning from desktop to game.
I use steam version.

I really don't understand this. I just want to be able to run the game more than once in my laptop too.
Ok I figured this has to do with Mods, and once I load a mod after launching game, I can run the game again as computer does not consider it as same program.
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