How to use your opponents population to rush build


Feb 1, 2002
Leiden, the Netherlands
In my last game I played the Japanese on Emperor, and I was conquering the world with my Samoerai. At a certain point my only opponent left were the Chinese, and luckely I had the only Saltpeter on the map, so they attackt me but fought them of and went to there city's to capture them, a war was fought on two continents, one with a major corupption problem. And I had an other problem, the Chinese had a higher culture, so the first 2 city's I captured flipt back after about 3 turns later. So I decided to raze the city's the next time(wich I never did before in a game), and I say that these city's of 12 population each generated 6 chinese workers. So I tought lets add tose guys to my total corrupt city's and switch back to Despotism (major advantage of religious Civ's) and lets rush some Samoerai, so I could save gold and transportation from my non-corrupt to my corrupt continent. So I did this with almost al the Chinese city's, I liked the strategy because the tought that his own population would be sacrificed to build troups who would again take more of his population to sacrifice is a satisfying tought if its your first emperor game, MUHAHAHAHA:goodjob:
Imteresting strategy there Dutchman. Thanks for that. Not vey Civilsed though ...? :)

Certainly the strategy of a despot. You've got me thinking now - given the title Civilization - perhaps the scoring system should reflect negatively on such tactics? Points deducted for razing cities and pop rushing captured citizens. Come to think of it, I've seen no mention of the Geneva Convention in the game!

BTW I'm not criticising the way you play - it's a good strategy - it's a game - and they're binary bits floating round in your PC not forced slave labourers. :)
Thanks for your opinion on my strategy, I know it's not really civilised but they get what they ask for, Right:lol: !!!
There's a thread around here somewhere titled "other uses for workers," in which is discussed such uses. There are some good ideas, seek it out!
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