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Humankind: George Sand Beta


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Oct 22, 2008

@Catoninetales_Amplitude has just given a new update for Humankind, another big patch will be coming.

The full details, coming from here: https://community.amplitude-studios.com/amplitude-studios/humankind/blogs/929

Hello everyone!

We've got some cool news for you today, as we have a preview of the next update, and it's playable right now. With the George Sand Update, arriving in January, we want to give you more ways to customize your experience, from new map settings and personas to non-exclusive cultures and debug tools for our diligent modders.

So, what have we got for you?

  • Culture Rebalancing: Many cultures from the base game, Together We Rule, and all DLCs have been tweaked
  • Added a Dev Mode Menu: To help modders test their creations, we have added a dev mode tool (see below on how to use it)
  • Non-Exclusive Cultures Option: A new game setup option to allow more than one empire to play the same culture
  • More Map Generation Options: Map Ratio, Natural Wonder Density, and Independent People Density
  • New and Rebalanced AI personas: We’ve added over a dozen new personas for you to play against
  • Buffed Transcendence: Sticking to your culture will now also give you a permanent bonus based on your affinity
  • Various Other Improvements and Fixes: Find the full list at the end of this post

So, how can you try this Update right now? Just open the properties of the game in your Steam library, go to the betas tab, and select the update_preview branch. Steam should then download the beta version of this update. (If it does not, try restarting Steam or verifying the integrity of the game files.)

If you’re a modder, want to create specific situations or scenarios, or maybe just want to prepare some nice screenshots, you might want to try the dev mode tools as well. To do so, you need to open the properties of the game and add the “--allowmodtools” launch option. With this enabled, you can access a dev menu by pressing Shift+F1, and select starting era and cultures during game setup.
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