Hypothetic graphical Early Modern and Early Industrial of Greeks, Byzantines and other Balkans

Jan 10, 2019
What do you think about hypothetic graphical representations of Greeks, Byzantines and Macedonians of the Late 17th - the entire 18th Century?
I say 'Hypothetic' means that if their respective empire survived through the date OR if either Greeks or other folks formerly affilated with the Byzantium had won their revolutionary war by that time (against the Ottomans), which in reality they only became successful several years after the end of Napoleonic Wars.

My takes on what supposed to be regularized Fustanella uniforms for Greeks and aforemented hypothethic armies. most of these models were original works of Warfare Expanded team (Cr: @KrumStrashni et al.)


Tinted with Hellenic-Bavarian blue (AFAIK the 'light blue' of Greek National Flag is more or less based upon the Bavarian Standards since the first monarch of New Greece was a Bavarian Prince, the thematic lightblue and white color scheme stood with Greeks even long after King Otho I was gone. and even after the Last Junta regime has ended.
What are reasons behind 'Greek Blue' was it actually the preferred 'Theme colors of Greece'? or closely associated with Bavarian monarch who did much of the Early New Greece?
Is this uniform shown above actually whatt Johnny Capodistrias wanted to do after he had created the 'First Republic of Greece' as part of military reforms to make Regular standing army in place of these thugs ? and is this the reason why he turned many oldschool revolutionary veterans (who began as thuggish (Klepts, or Kleptoi means thugs, thieves, bandits, or outlaws) hostile and eventually one has gunned him down in 1822 ?
Dec 28, 2020
I'm sorry to say I don't have any answers to your questions (though I want them just as badly as you do), but I want to compliment the design you showed. Seeing a Evzones-inspired Civ 6 model with the trademark fustanella (which for those unaware is just the white frilly skirt) is really cool. :love:

Early Modern and Early Industrial Balkans goes really unnoticed in Civ in general, so it's cool to see it sneak its way onto this forum.
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