I get money for an already-given tech

Mad Hab

Apr 22, 2002
São Paulo, Brazil
This one goes like this: Xerxes of Persia sends a message that reads: "Gimme Polytheism in exchange for your survival, scum!". Fearing for my puny civilization, I agree, and propose a new deal on the following screen. Strangely enough, Polytheism (that I have just given to them) is among the techs I can trade, so I select it and pick 30 gold from the persian royal vault and a worker. Trade accepted... et voilà! Somehow I manage to get gold and a slave for a tech my opponent already have!

That happened several times in a LAN-hosted multiplayer game (with two human players and 5 AI civs). I use Win 98 on both systems, and have installed Conquests patch 1.02. I know it's a nice bug, but it shouldn't happen, right?


Mad Hab
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