I need help - My Harbors aren't working?


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Jan 2, 2002
Hello various CIV3 masters, I require your sage advice. :D

I decided to play a 60% archipelago game for a change of pace, and although things are proceeding ok (My starting position wasn't the best, and I'm in 4th place, but I did vanquish the Iroquois!) I am having a problem with my harbors and trade network. My Home island was devoid of both horses and iron (naturally), but I have expanded to other islands and now have both. The problem is, I can't seem to connect the resources to my home island. For example, a colony city, Bremen, has a road to horses within its city radius, and it has a harbor. My capitol also has a harbor, but no access to the horses! I have a clear line of sight between the two cities (even parked some galleys along the way), and the horses do show up in the "strategic resource" box in Bremen's city window. I have attached a picture and a save game to illustrate. Please help! :confused:


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To be able to trade over the ocean squares you have to have navigation.
I knew it would be something like that. Thanks! That really makes this game hard...
Feel free to bap me over the head if this is obvious but you could build your horse units on the colony island and ferry them back to the "mainland" with your galleys. Of course if you have iron on one island and horses on the other it's a bit of a problem!
Just wanted to make a note; I have had the same situation but land wise so to speak. There's was a road from my cities to another civ's capital but yet I could not trade with them. Perhaps it's some rule I have missed there as well.
The road has to be traced all the way from your capital to his. It´s not enough just to connect any two cities.
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