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Hater of Babylonians
Jan 23, 2002
Manassas, VA
There is a lot of usefull material on this site ranging from the tutorials to the units and everything in between. The bad part that sometimes it is a pain to find that specific unit that you know has been created.

I was wondering if there was a way that the download portion of the site can be configured to list the units/mods/tutorials/guides, etc. as opposed to the current discussion formum.

It would make it a little easier for one to know what is actually here without having to go through the process of scrolling through thread upon thread looking for that 1 unit that you might have seen here in passing.

What makes this site better than other Civ sites I have finsihed is the work or our modmakers and unit designers.
:goodjob: I believe that this would be a great way to showcase these works.

Not sure if the site can do this but just decided to share.
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