Identifying Lost Mods

I did come across that at some point, I can't remember if it was before or after my compilation was finished. Unfortunately it seems it went dormant by 2014.
:hmm: I thought ... I'll triple-check.
More broadly though, that's quite a list! And it inspired me to upload the needs-HTTPs spreadsheets (scenarios, modpacks), and to make a few updates among those, including for at least a couple in your list (Native America Mod, Fantasy Empires).

To make sure I'm following correctly - the list is your list of bookmarks of scenarios that you deemed worth bookmarking at some point? Some of them, e.g. Twillight of Byzantium, seem to be working as expected from a downloads standpoint. Still useful in terms of having a list of things that piqued a current member's interest though, and perhaps especially the ones such as Rob Cheng's scenarios that wouldn't have shown up on my list of mods at CivFanatics.
Indeed! Despite both Edge and FireFox "eating" chunks of my bookmarks over many moons, I've managed to cobble some back together.


PS - About a 12 hr. delay in posting.
Cheers, hopefully some of these might solve some of the dead links in Quin's excel lists. :)

I was going to say I wouldn't worry about that place, however unfortunately all I see is this window below when I visit that thread. Presumably due to recent real world events they've done a purge of foreign members with recently active accounts as there was absolutely no warning and no other reason I can think of for the ban. I hadn't posted there in a while nor had I directly interacted or spoken with anyone there either. My last post there was way back near the start of the year updating one of my Civ2 preservation project threads in a quiet corner of their forum where no one else ever seemed to post (the civ2 section). I know some staff didn't mind me posting there as some of my Civ2 threads even got pinned over the years but yeah.. clearly times have changed and one of the admins decided to 'take out the trash' lol. However if you can still see into that thread you'll probably see that I replied to it ages ago hoping to speak to Michael about his Mars mod as while I successfully rescued his original Russian version, the download for his English release is dead sadly & I've been unable to find a copy of it. He's been MIA for years but if he ever does return I won't be able to answer him sadly! Wish I could find the file! :(
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With the War on, and 1 MM middle class folk having fled before the 700K who fled after the conscription was announced ... :sad:
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