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  1. handofthrawn1844

    [SCENARIO] Trafalgar! Combined Arms Napoleonic Warfare!

    Trafalgar is a Napoleonic Scenario that tries to improve upon and refine the vanilla Conquests Napoleonic Europe map. Download here: https://github.com/benskywalker/Trafalgar (press the 'Code' button and 'Download Zip') Trafalgar's features include: Significantly improved naval combat, and...
  2. Nathiri

    When Aahnacet Calls - Strategic Defense 1.0

    'When Aahnacet Calls' (WAC) is a new wave-based defense mod that was first created in 2018. It tries to create a cooperative experience, with multiplayer in mind, between two civilizations and a much larger foe. The primary goal is to survive 10 waves of the enemy's forces. Story: The empire of...
  3. Erlend Philip Wood

    Erlend's interface improvements 1.5

    ERLEND'S INTERFACE IMPROVEMENTS Interface upgrade pack for Civ 3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These improvements to the interface were made by me for the mod "2021 EXPANSION". The full mod can be downloaded here. Useful for both...
  4. Quintillus

    Identifying Lost Mods

    As you've likely noticed, there has been a relative flurry of activity around restoring links to old scenarios and modpacks recently. But this isn't something that has never happened before, one only needs to look at stickies by Plotinus and Ozymandias to see the efforts of the past. What's...
  5. C

    Maps that limit technology ages?

    Hey, I'm not sure how to find this so I thought I'd ask. Are there maps that I can download that limit tech? Example: the game only progresses to ancient era, medieval era, industrial era, etc. then that age is the final tech and now it's future tech, instead of progressing all the way to...
  6. Erlend Philip Wood

    2021 EXPANSION 9.0

    2021 EXPANSION Expansion pack for Civilization 3 Conquests ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 years in the making, countless tweaks to improve game balance and expand on game options, yet keeping the essence of the original gameplay...
  7. Matsuda123

    Curragh 2021-03-23

    Miss the Curragh from Civ III? Well, now you can use it again in Civ IV, in 3D. :) Thanks to MightyToad for rigging, skinning, and basic texture. I modeled the ship and prettied it up. But really I can't do much without MightyToad, so remember him. Thanks to the Irish for the ship, and Civ III...
  8. sylkachan

    [C3C] AdvCv3

    "Advanced Civilization 3" I have this scenario which has a bunch of unique content. I can't run this mod anymore because for some reason the .biq file doesn't have any of the custom units. I get an error about something called a 'boat building'. If you interested in a Civ3 edited scenario...
  9. Quintillus

    Civ3 Community Scenario Compilation DVD

    The Community Scenario Compilation DVD is a disc containing 4.3 GB (binary) worth of mods and scenarios developed by the CivFanatics community. It is designed to make it easy to install these mods, to encourage trying out more mods, and to aid in the preservation of these mods over the longer...
  10. J

    Copying 1 scenario rules to another one

    Hi I have managed to clear the "rise of rome" map and make so it has the base game rules and want to use it for the medieval era scenario but I dont know how to copy the rules of the scenario to the new map. Is that even possible? Thanks
  11. Nathiri

    [C3C] WAC Mod Beta Test Discussion

    'When Aahnacet Calls' (WAC) is a new wave-based defense mod that has been in the works since 2 years ago but I took a long break after it was 90% complete. Recently, I've patched the remaining parts and have now given it out to testers, as I need as much feedback as possible to make it the most...
  12. S

    Learning to make units with Blender

  13. jimmywfl

    TAM (The Ancient Mediterranean download does not work

    On this page for https://forums.civfanatics.com/resources/the-ancient-mediterranean.434/ There is a download link, which, when clicked upon, says the address does not exist. Is this the 2.6 version?
  14. Quintillus

    [MAP] Earth - 420 x 312 - WIP

    Back in 2014 or 2015, I added a feature to my editor that allowed creating a map from a BMP image. It wasn't the first time that had been done, but it allowed arbitrary map sizes, and allowed more colors than a 1:1 ratio to terrains, and was thus more flexible than previous options. Arbitrary...
  15. leihard7777

    World War II (The World) 4.95

    (Lock Alliance in Original) The Axis powers - German Reich, Japan, Italy, Finland, Thailand The Allies - United States, United Kingdom, France, China, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Netherlands, Belgium, Mexico, Central America Communist - Soviet Union, Mongolia (Lock Alliance in...
  16. jimmywfl

    TAM CIV3 loveking and horse sound files not working?

    I love the mod, but the love king and horse sound files do not work
  17. Blake00

    Mars Scenario?

    Hey guys, Has anyone attempted to make a Mars scenario for Civ 3 with scifi/martian map/story/units/cities/techs etc? 01/01/2021 UPDATE: Hunterkiller has release a new Mars scenario using Balthasar's work! :) (details of its making later in this thread)...
  18. T

    [C3C] Civ3 on wine (mac) not working

    Hey, (I hope there are still people active on this). Recently downloaded my favorite game ever on my mac using wine, playonmac, and after installing everything, running the game through steam I cant get past the intro movie, I either click through it, and get a black screen (through it appears...
  19. Meteor Man

    The Star Wars Unit Thread

    Chiss Ascendancy: Prosvoli-class Heavy Frigate preview gif Frouro-class Frigate preview gif O========================O Zann Consortium: Interceptor IV-class Frigate preview gif O========================O Mandalorians: Kandosii-type Dreadnought preview gif Marauder-class Corvette...
  20. Nathiri

    Civ3MP Recent Gameplay Recordings.

    I just thought I would notify of some recent competitive multiplayer games that have been happening on civ3. Suede has just started doing his own commentaries for his games that you can find on his youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvJNJ8HF5BWrErL-RpvqbYQ A good short aggressive...
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