If you could return this game at full price, would you?

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  1. pickle

    pickle Lord of the Preserves

    May 27, 2007
    Considering the hours that I have spent and that I am still enjoying it, no. It has been more than worth the money considering that it lasts longer than any game without an awesome multiplayer and even then will outlast most of them. how many other games would people put 200+ hours into before declaring themselves disappointed and then continuing to play.
  2. Louis XXIV

    Louis XXIV Le Roi Soleil

    Mar 12, 2003
    Norfolk, VA
    Well, you could pay me because then I'd just buy it again and keep the extra money.
  3. JohnnyW

    JohnnyW Gave up on this game

    Oct 8, 2010
    I absolutely would. This game has been a huge disappointment.
  4. Amylion

    Amylion Chieftain

    Feb 20, 2011
    I don't think you got me right. Of course Civ 5 can't compete with the complexity of Civ 4. The question is if that is necessarily a bad thing. E.g. you can't "argue" that stack combat is sooo much more "complex" because you actually can make complexes of units (= "stack", and pun intended) leaving you so many more options - but in fact the opposite is true: You are forced to throw together one specific optimal stack (of doom TM) leaving only one option to "choose".

    So it's about your personal aesthetical preference.
    I for myself always wondered why Civilization always sticked with squares. It looks horrible, makes the game mechanic principally flawed and can't give you the immersive feeling like hexagons do. Hexagons are in every single way better than squares; latter couldn't stand the test of time. Maybe just my personal thing and maybe the fact that I am too busy for the Civ 4 grind these days - but I know I won't install my Civ 4 on my new computer anymore, cause I won't start it again if on the same machine is the "game from the future" aka Civ 5.

    Regarding mods:
    My point was that it's very easy to get rid of the major game design flaws of Civ 5.
    I made a mod (Petroleum, name says it all) which in first place is modding the industrial era and beyond. But I just made some minimal changes which affect the other eras as well and which turned out to drastically improve game experience. In short I made cities more expensive but more rewarding. The reward in ancient era being getting +1 more happiness from luxury resources, and later on by the buffed Theatre giving 6 happiness compared to only 2 from nerfed Colosseum.
    Compare that to the unpatched original version with 4 :c5happy: for Colosseum and 5 :c5happy: for Theatre - every happiness building was the same and you just clicked on the happiness class building in every single era without even noticing if it was still a Colosseum or "already" a Theatre - cause it didn't matter. Not to mention that at first the Colosseum gave the full bonus without regard to number of city inhabitants. It was an utter mess.

    Bottom line:
    My point is that Civ 5 has serious issues with game design, which can be easily fixed with mods and patches.
    It's like a revolutionary F1 racing car running faster than any other car but not being able to finish a race because of some minor flaws. But in F1 you always go for a design which delivers a fast but faulty car instead of building a slow but stable car - because you always can get rid of the faults of the fast car whereas it's almost impossible to make a slow car faster.

  5. sketch162000

    sketch162000 Warlord

    Oct 12, 2010
    Yeah, I probably would return it--not even for the cash, but on principle. The game's gotten better but I did not appreciate the 7+ months of disappointment it took to get to this point.
  6. sav

    sav Prince

    Mar 19, 2002
    Middle Earth
    I should perhaps mention I got a free copy as a reviewer, not that I pirated it.
  7. Demon Rob

    Demon Rob Chieftain

    Sep 8, 2005
    Melbourne, Oz
    pity we cant return it,
    but Firaxis are definitely in the don't buy on release but after the gameplayers have tried it category now.
  8. Edgecrusher

    Edgecrusher King

    Aug 7, 2006
    This is my feeling.
    I haven't touched the game since December and probably wont for the near future, if ever. I have a overall feeling that I wasted my money.
    When I bought Civ5. I expected to have the same enjoyment I had had from Civ4. Thus far, I have not had that enjoyment, and have felt largely cheated by the way the game was released, and subsequently the way DLCs are pushed at the consumer.
    On these forums, the DLCs have been described as the engine that funds future patches....am I the only one that sees a problem that we have to pay a company to fix the game that they released in an incomplete format?

    I dont believe as a consumer it is beyond reasonable expectations to purchasing something and have it be enjoyable at the point of purchase, not having to wait 6/7+ months to an acceptable version of the game.

    I dont hold any unfavorable views at the developers for the new vision they had for the game. Civ5 will never be Civ4 with better graphics. Its a new game, but the game should not have been released in a "incomplete" format. To me thats a bad buisness decision. Pair that with the intense hype that created inappropriate expectations.

    Civ5 may get "fixed" to a point where I would be able to convince myself to play it again. However, I have moved on to another game that was released without flaws, has free DLC, and an equally energetic fanbase to discuss the game with. One that had a working multiplayer option out of the box.

    I will probably got back to the civilization series, but not until long after the expansions or civ6's release date, to the point where the general consenses has an enjoyable feel from the game. At that point, I think the risk of wasting my money will be minimal.
  9. spider1

    spider1 Prince

    Mar 29, 2006
    Everybody's got an opinion just like they got an ..... Well, you know what I mean. :lol:

    I wouldn't return Civ V for what I paid for it on Amazon becuase I've spent hundreds of hours enjoying this game, and still do, and will continue to do in the future. And when I get my new PC built, I'll be enjoying the game on higher graphic levels as well. :)
  10. Save_Ferris

    Save_Ferris Admiring Myself

    Feb 26, 2011
    Straight Outa Ponyville
    Why would they give out free DLCs to people who got mad at them? They aren't pushed at you any more than IV's expansions were pushed at you.
  11. jmik99

    jmik99 Chieftain

    Jan 14, 2006
    No, I would not. It seems like we are FINALLY starting to get a playable game here.

    But, like many others, I'm also one of those who will think more than twice before buying any game from 2K/Firaxis again.
  12. Edgecrusher

    Edgecrusher King

    Aug 7, 2006
    I think the key question is why are people mad at them?

    I just think its a little misguided that they are selling mini-expansion in the form of DLC, which is basically what a DLC is, when at the time, the game when the general consenses was a poorly executed, and early released game.
    Now 7 months since release date, when the game is starting to resemble something remotely playable. They have released 3 Civilization DLCs (Spain/Inca, Polynesia, Babylon), and the Map DLCs, with the rumors of a 4th Civilization DLC paired with a patch.
    If the pattern is DLC = $$$ = Patches, Its pretty sneaky that they are released a Beta quality game, (hence getting free Beta testing), then charging the Beta testers a little extra for extra content, to fund the fixes that make it a non Beta quality game.

    I dont mind DLC, I just think the timing and the cycle that has developed is very detrimental to the way that I personally view the company, and it will cause me to be very cautious of future products that they produce.

    They did release a free DLC in Mongola, which at the time was widely considered a peace offering. So I have to give them credit there.
  13. JJOne

    JJOne Prince

    Jan 29, 2011
    I played more hours than on any non-strategy games. And I'm still playing it.
    I would instead return civ4 - I played ten times as much, but I'm not playing it anymore. And I believe I payed more for that.
  14. Disgustipated

    Disgustipated Deity

    Nov 14, 2006
    Las Vegas
    most certainly yes. I no longer play it. I tried playing after the Feb. patch, and it was a little more fun. But I don't even consider playing this game anymore. I'm not sure what's wrong with this game exactly, but something is seriously wrong with it. It just isn't fun.

    edit: about DLC, I don't mind the concept of DLC too much. I would have bought any DLC for Civ4, but not for a substandard game such as Civ5. I would consider buying DLC for Civ5 if it fixed the game to make it actually fun.
  15. roguepro92

    roguepro92 Warlord

    Mar 19, 2010
    at the end of the day.
    Civ5 WILL improve by the developers or addicted modders :D
    its just going to take some time...
  16. James Wolf

    James Wolf Chieftain

    Sep 23, 2010
    Howling at the moon
    I would return mine. One unit per hex doesn't work, the diplomacy model fails, I could fill pages. Then there's Steam.

    I'm sorry I wasted money on the game. It's Civ IV BTS for me.
  17. OneFootInThe...

    OneFootInThe... Warlord

    Jan 2, 2002
    we are far from the launch, and mostly only people still playing, at least occasionaly visit here, and there is still a third of us who would return the game...

  18. civ-wrecked

    civ-wrecked Chieftain

    Nov 22, 2005
    and the tedium which fried my brain every time I tried to force myself to enjoy it and gave up, again and again.

    Yes, I would return it and sue for the time wasted if I could :).

    Regarding returning a software for full price, a few years ago, since I lost my original copy of Alpha Centauri: Alien Crossfire and no companies produced it, I looked for it on Ebay and they (seemingly pirated copies even) were sold for around $90, doubling the original price of the game. Recently, it was released through a company in the UK for about $7. I have like 5 copies of that same game, bought at various time through different channels. Some work, some don't.

    I played that 1999 game again last week, still enjoy it much better than Civ V. Before that, I played FFH (Civ 4 based) for months.

    Why I'm hanging around here ? Well, I look in the Civ V Strategy forum to see if there are anything interesting that I might want to try out to see if it can make me like the game. I was the only person on that forum. On this forum, there are 70+ people.

    It seems there are more people who want to complain about the game (and those who want to defend it) in the general discussion than people who actually want to play the game and learn more strategies to play it.
  19. Afforess

    Afforess The White Wizard

    Jul 31, 2007
    Austin, Texas
    Yes. It's games like these that make me envy the pirates.

    Didn't you get the memo? Civ5 modding is dead.
  20. Txurce

    Txurce Deity

    Jan 4, 2002
    Venice, California
    Speak for yourself. Thal's Balance mods keep getting better, as well as incorporating other mods. To call it thriving would be an understatement.

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