Improvements fore bombard units


Dec 9, 2001
I found bombard units more unusefull in the new patch, so I decided to try to make some improvements to those units in the editor, so it will be more attractiv to use them in my games.
What I have changed is:
Catapults/cannon: Bombard range increased from 1-2
Rate of fire from 1-2
Artillery: Bombard range increased from 2-3
Radar Artillery: Bombard range increased from 2-3
And since it is a mobil unit I have
increased unit moves from 1-2

Hopefully it will now longer slow down my attack speed, since they hopefull will reach the target in time, so I don't longer have to wait fore them to arrive.
So how do you all means about those improvements? Is it any other tip to even improve it more?

I allso want to make the sub to be more danger against battleship, but I don't thing It is possible :( , it could have made the game more realistic, since battleship was weak against sub's in the real wars. And destroyes was their(sub's) nightmare. And finally destroyers was a easy target fore battleships.
So if any has a tip, please message.
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