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    I have put together an alternate way to install and update the Git version. It uses Powershell, a scripting environment available from Windows 7 onwards.

    Everything is in two files:
    - Git-Install.ps1 downloads the Git repository (it also makes sure not to install over an existing mod folder, and renames the new folder to the right name).
    - Git-Update.ps1 updates the Git repository to the most recent version.

    How to get them:
    - Git-Install.ps1 can be downloaded here.
    - Git-Update.ps1 is part of the Git repo, so you get it as soon as the repo is downloaded.

    To use them you have to do some setup first:
    - run Powershell as Administrator (in Windows 7 you can find it under Accessories, don't know about newer versions).
    - type "Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted"
    Spoiler What does that imply? :
    This enables you to execute Powershell scripts in your OS. This is disabled by default to protect you against accidentally running malicious scripts (e.g. as email attachments). Be aware that disabling this removes this additional layer of protection.

    After that, you can run the scripts by right clicking them and selecting "run with Powershell" (or similar). A window should open describing the progress of the operation (it will immediately close when finished). Git-Install will download the mod where it is executed, so you have to put it into the Mods folder. Git-Update needs to be executed inside the DoC folder where it is initially located.

    What's the point of this?
    - you don't have to install Tortoise if you don't want to, and don't have to bother with the idiosyncracies of Git
    - I can include some extra steps that are required to get the mod running, like having the right folder names
    - further down the line (this is still a long way off) I might make some changes to how the mod files are stored that could lead to some additional complications when using Git. In this case I can adapt the script to hide these complications from you and keep everything simple from a user perspective
    - note that as a modder, or if you want to do things like reverting versions, you still have to use Tortoise

    Note on compatibility: you can use this and Tortoise interchangeably, both ultimately simply use the git command line, and there are no potential conflicts.

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