Intelligence reports and data on other civs?


Sep 21, 2010
(Long long time lurker, only just registered - this last 70 mins is KILLING ME!)

I haven't seen any comments or information about game mechanics that will allow you to find out things such as what is in an enemy city, what it's building, etc.

First off, does anyone know if such a mechanic exists in CivV yet?

If not, I was wondering what the folks here thought about returning back to the old embassy espionage model.(or a new imagining, thereof)

My solution would be this: Writing opens up the ability to found an embassy in an opposing Civs city. You have to find a city to establish one, and there is a cost associated. (Say 100g)

Once established, you can spend gold to update your intelligence. (Like locating other cities, military units etc). plus you always know what is going on in a city you have an embassy in, until you go to war.

There are ways that you could expand upon that mechanic, but to start with I'd keep it simple (i.e. flat gold cost to gain intel, no sabotage missions or tech stealing)

I'd like to end my first post with a huge thank you to the Civ Fanatics community, you guys have been the source of some great info and the wait for 10am EST 9/21/10 (A date that will live in infamy) has gone much quicker thanks to you.

I'd also like to share my appreciation for Greg and the 2k team for sharing those gameplay vids with us.

Cheers, and ONWARD! To Victory!
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