Interesting bug.

Rat Instinct

Jan 25, 2002
Yorkshire, England
Has anyone ever had the game lock up because the automated workers can't move? I've noticed in a game I'm playing at the moment that on occasion units will not move to where I've dragged them to even though the land mass is railroad with the odd bit of road.

It seems like when the route the computer picks has an enemy unit in the way it decides not to move it. This isn't too bad as I can move it in smaller steps and go around it. The computer though was trying to move a worker and there was an Indian cavalry unit in the way and it just stayed they animating the worker very slightly.

Luckily I was able to reload and move some cavalry there to wipe out the blockers but I thought I was shafted at first.

The save game still exists (I think) incase anyone is interested in seeing it.

When moving a naval unit, an enemy was blocking a passage way between 2 islands and the original route shown took my unit around one of the islands, but when the unit got to the gap the enemy had moved and it went through the gap instead. I've never tried moving a land unit past enemies so I can't help with your query.
It's funny to see this post, as this same exact thing happened to me today for the first time. I had a few automated workers that were shuttling back-and-forth between my main cities, and a newly conquered section across a loooong map. Everything was fine, until the civ between my lands built a fortress and garrisaned it at a choke-point. Once that happened, the workers zoomed around for a few turns trying to figure out how to get past it, and then the game finally locked-up.

When I reloaded that turn, I added a few workers back to my cities, and the game never froze again. This was the first time that my game has ever locked up, so I'm pretty sure it happened because the automated workers couldn't get to where they needed to be.
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