[R&F] Is Communism the best late game government?


Jun 3, 2014
This could be an easy question, but in all of my R&F games I have gone communist. Production is useful for all victory types (except religious, but that is won before the ideologies), and Communism's bonuses are exclusively production focused.
Fascism I feel is unnecessary, because the majority of conquest is done by at least the industrial age, and Artillery/promoted units make the combat strength pointless. I haven't done any testing, but I am sure Communism's production bonuses can outweigh Fascism's unit production boost.
Democracy got a heavy nerf, and late game I usually have so much gold a 25% discount doesn't matter. The district bonus can be nice, but I feel policy cards and neighborhoods can make up for it.
Overall, Firaxis should buff the other two governments, as Communism isn't even that powerful, it's just superior to the other two.

Fluphen Azine

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Jan 27, 2013
Las Vegas
My usual go to is switching between the 3 early governments. After that I tend to Beeline for Merchant Republic and after that almost always Communism. I think this stems from my muliplayer games and I should learn a different way when I play on Deity but yeah I like the commies too!


Dec 25, 2017
Well, technically speaking, democracy is the most efficient late game government, no matter R&F or Vanilla. Most things should be purchased/chopped immediately in late game, far more better than slowly built. The game is still unbalanced, chop/harvest value is too higher than city yield, even if Magnus was nerfed to 50%. So if you are playing for victory, communism was useless. (actually in Chinese forum, communism is thought to be so weak in design that some posts even think that designers discriminate against communism - before spring patch, democracy was even better in production than communism!)
1. Domination/Religious victory won't need late government
2. Science victory only need a random government to unlock Royal Society, most likely to choose democracy for trade route bonus and -25% price.
3. Culture victory need less tourism reduce caused by government difference, and in the 3 late government, Democracy is better (democracy -3, communism -6, fascism -5)
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