Is it worth it?

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Mar 13, 2002
Creating a new mod is taing longer than I thought it would, and my biggest problem is all them thar poxy bleedin wundaz.

And then I read these posts about the expansion pack, which looks as though it may (possibly) include (unless Firaxis charge us for an additional editor expansion, in which case I will leave the Civ fold forever out of sheer frustration) a proper editor, with options add new improvements and techs without all the associated icon messing and crash problems and the pediatext rewrites.

Personally I'm putting all my modding on hold until the pack is released, as it may let me make a mod quicker and with less debugging than if I use the hacked editor.

Anyone think this is a good idea, or am I being too optimistic in thinking that Firaxis' expansion will be a veritable box of delights?

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Apr 16, 2002
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With Civ II the upgrade was "Fantastic worlds", and that seemed to be some what of an improvement on the original, as far as scenario production was concerned.
If I had to bet on it, I think that the new pack is only going to include a few scenarios, the new civs (Soux, Vikings, Celts, Spanish, Cathagians and Mongols are my guess) with UUs' and the mutiplayer setup.
I'm not realy sure that the whole scenario thing is going to get a whole lot easier, Oh how I long for a Civ II style set up, with events language and scenario rules that actualy worked.
I think that every thing that is currently in the editor will work properly, some one a little while ago did some digging in the EXE and found all sorts of goodies, that suggested a proper scenario editor, like a mini map etc.. Lets hope that is the case!
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