Is there a cheat to trigger Global Warming?


May 11, 2011
So I'm playing Caveman2Cosmos, and no one seems to know about Global Warming. I did a lot of searching, but EVERYONE WANTS IT GONE. What I want, is to make it happen. I ACTUALLY LIKE GLOBAL WARMING! This is probably the only post ever seen that someone actually likes and wants Global Warming in Civ 4...every other single post wants it gone.

Since my map editing failed, and after 40 hours (without sleep)...I'm done. None of the maps can do a proper 100% desert style/arrakis map. there a cheat or something I can do (like edit a file) to trigger Global Warming? Without having to wait for many eras to get it? That would be far easier than spending another 100 hours (which is how long it would take at the rate I was going) on fixing the maps to make a nearly full desert environment.

I think if I could just cheat Global Warming...I could start on any map, and do what I want (that is, make the world turn very harsh/barren and kinda Arrakis like. That would be far easier than editing. Cause doesn't Global Warming make everything barren and what not and dry out the oceans? That is exactly what I want in the maps I've failed at editing. So...this should be a lot easier, if it is possible. Cause I literally spent all day yesterday, all night, and most of today trying to make a 100% desert map...and I'm done trying. None of the maps for Caveman2Cosmos can do 100% desert.

I did find this in Global Defines...

I found it, its in global define.

What should I set these too if I want to greatly speed up the global warming process and make it happen as soon as possible?






Or are there other options (or an actual cheat to put in to trigger the event) to make it happen sooner?
You know, it will probably take less than 30 sec to enter worldbuilder and change all plots to desert
I don't want to change every plot into desert. That would look too ugly and not natural. But, unless there is more options than changing all or nothing...may be worth a try. However, I crashed when trying to open the world builder, but that is probably cause I play on immense size (300x400 or something, 300x500...dunno...its the biggest available)

There is no easier way to trigger Global Warming with the options I posted? Cause the world builder looks like it just crashes on me.
The world builder doesn't work on Planet Generator map. I select desert tileset, and click/left click and all kinds of stuff in a 7 by 7 area...and nothing happens. It doesn't change anything at all. Plus, I'd have to go through the whole map each time I make a game...and keep having to customize it. That would take too long for every map I generate. Especially since I don't want every single tile being exactly the I'd have to go by hand in every map to get it to work properly. I don't have that much time for every map.

I'd rather just get global warming. The settings above should have a part in it, unless there is a code to activate the event.
Global warming destroys existing improvements and if you really twist it such that it occurs too frequently, you are gonna be flooded with tons of messages every turn
Cool, sounds fun :D Is there something I can edit to make it happen a lot sooner?
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