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Is there anyway to download and play civ searinos without download programs?ex:winzip


Jan 6, 2004
id like to download some of your guys searinos but cant. My quetion is:IS THERE ANYWAY TO DOWNLOAD AND PLA YOUR SEARINOS WITHOUT SPECIAL PROGRAMS!
1. Turn off Caps Lock.

2. In most cases, no. If you have WinXP, you may be able to unzip without winzip. In any case, programs such as WinZip and WinRAR are extremely useful for anyone connected to the internet.
Archiver programs (which are free BTW) are not "special", they are basically a must-have on any PC... I can't imagine a PC without one. Get newest WinRAR, it will deal with all sorts of archvies ie. RAR, ZIP, even ACE.
And they are not DL programs, they shrink the size of the the files. And embroyed is right get winRar as it commpresses more and is really a multi version.
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