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    Sep 25, 2019
    I wrote myself a fictional Khmer rework a while ago and I was wondering how much of it would be workable as a mod if somebody is interested.

    Khmer Changes: (Gathering Storm required)
    Grand Barays:
    • +Cities receive +3 faith and +1 amenity from entertainment for every Aqueduct, Dams, and Canal districts in the city.
    • +Aqueduct, Dams, and Canal districts culture bomb adjacent tiles when completed.
    • +2 food for farms adjacent to an Aqueduct, a Dam, or a Canal district.
    Jayaraman VII’s Leader Ability: Monasteries of the King:
    • - Culture Bomb from holy sites removed.
    • - Holy Site districts no longer grant +2 food and +1 housing when placed on a river.
    • + Can construct the Srah Unique District upon the discovering Engineering technology.
    • + Holy Site districts gain Food and Production equal to their adjacency bonus when placed on a river.
    • + Holy Site districts gain a major adjacency bonus when built next to a river, and for each adjacent Aqueduct, Srah, or Canal District.
    New Leader Unique Infrastructure: Srah:
    • Replaces the Dam district.
    • Available at Engineering instead of Buttresses.
    • Can be placed on any flat river tile instead of a flood plain where 2 two sides of the river traverse.
    • Limit 1 Srah per river in each city.
    • Multiple Khmer cities can build Srah districts on the same river.
    • Exclusive to Jayaraman VII.
    The Domrey Unique Unit and the Prasat Unique Building have no changes.

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