1. tangjinfeng

    Khmer Empire skirmishers 2023-02-17

    I noticed that the Khmers of Bakuel were missing a skirmisher, a simple modification made with the soldiers of Bakuel. use Mali uu animation
  2. tangjinfeng

    cambodian army (Longvek) 2023-02-17

    The Khmer army (Longvek) of the Dark Ages, have a infantry using phekak in wooden armor,a nobles with long knives,a royal guards as pikeman, a buffalo riders (based on Khmer tradition), and a musketman, two cavalry.
  3. T

    Khmer changes request

    I wrote myself a fictional Khmer rework a while ago and I was wondering how much of it would be workable as a mod if somebody is interested. Khmer Changes: (Gathering Storm required) Grand Barays: +Cities receive +3 faith and +1 amenity from entertainment for every Aqueduct, Dams, and...
  4. K

    [GS] Won religious multiplayer game yesterday, AMA and thoughts

    First of all, I don't know why others didn't declare war on me and didn't condemn all my apostles to the ground. But it really helped :) Second, I was playing as Khmer. Despite the fact that only 2 players remained in the game after quite some time had passed, I was able able to get only 1 (!)...
  5. pineappledan

    Cambodian Civilization for VP

    Cambodian Empire for VP Download Here UA - Barays of Angkor Cities gain :c5food: Food and :c5faith: Faith instantly whenever they complete a World Wonder or Public Works Project. All World Wonders and Public Works project give +1:c5greatperson: Great Engineer Point Note: Instant :c5food...
  6. pineappledan

    Cambodian Civilization for VP 16

    Adds The Cambodian Empire for Vox Populi. More details can be found in the discussion thread Credits: pineappledan Text, leader and civ icons Sukritact: Design inspiration, Prasat and Tromeak icons aa0905766k: 3D leader screen Iska: Khmer map and Loading Screen Janboruta: Artwork Leugi: Tromeak...
  7. megabearsfan

    [GS] A general strategy for Khmer

    While I get familiar with the new GS civs, I still want to write some strategy guides for legacy Civ VI civs in the interim. Last week, I put up a guide for Jayavarman VII of the Khmer. The full guide is at...
  8. H

    [GS] Is it possible modifying a siege unit to work like Immortal?

    Hello. I'm a modding beginner and I want to enhance some underwhelmed Civilizations, and the first target is Khmer. I want to improve the UU, Domrey; giving two type combat abilities like Immortal of Persian, which can perform either melee attack or ranged attack. Domrey is a siege unit, in...
  9. Aspyr_Lucy

    Lead Nubia, Khmer, and Indonesia available on 5/10/18 for Civilization VI on iPad!

    Two new DLC packs are coming for Sid Meier’s Civilization VI on iPad in the iOS App Store. The Nubia Civilization & Scenario Pack is available for $4.99, and the Khmer and Indonesia Civilization & Scenario Pack is available for $8.99. This update includes the changes from the desktop Summer...
  10. Liufeng

    Khmer city called "Feminine:vowel"

    As the title says, there is this small bug with the Khmer that appeared in two games (I have not tested Indonesia yet) : I create a settler, and sometimes the city names are normal, but then, a new settler creates a city named "Feminine:vowel". It is not a bug that makes the game unplayable, far...
  11. Googleciv - Angkor Wat

    Googleciv - Angkor Wat

    This is a screenshot of my GoogleCiv layers, this is the shot of the Angkor Wat, a Khmer wonder.
  12. Googleciv - Khmer

    Googleciv - Khmer

    This is a revised image of the Khmer Empire from my GoogleCiv project. This picture, like the other civs, includes the maximum (sometimes total) expance of the empire with the capital, wonders and the label of the offical title of the empire in its language.
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