Kings and Emperors (Civ5 like 4X browser game)


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Sep 24, 2016
We recently got wind of another cool historical 4X fan game inspired by Civilization 5 called Kings & Emperors! This time it is a browser based real time online multiplayer game, with a focus on the medieval period. The game is not out yet, but the devs are organizing open play tests right now! If you are curious, then check the announcement discussion on Facebook here.

Hi everyone. I would like to introduce Kings and Emperors - a game my husband and I developed for a few years now. The game is inspired by the Civilization series (the 5th part mostly) but is more focused on multiplayer. It is played in real time, placed in the medieval period (600AD - 1600AD) and is browser based (you don't have to install anything to play it. A single session lasts about 2 weeks.
The game is in alpha stage, but is already quite playable. We organize open tests in the next week, starting the 3rd of January (Wednesday) at 8pm. If you want to take part please write us a message or join our discord . I have to warn you, we have only a european server now, so we play in the CET time zone.
Below you can see screenshots from previous playthroughs.
If you want to know more about the project, you can also visit our web page or Facebook .

duchy.jpg tech-tree.jpg
city.jpg battle.jpg
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