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Launch Spaceship = Crash


Jan 15, 2002
I have played dozens of games now and usually finish by UN victory. The other night on emperor level built my first spaceship pressed the launch button and CRASH. What the f*&%.

Anyone had this problem ? Anyone know the solution ?

I am sure i don't need to tell you how frustruting it is to be so close to winning only to have the game crash on you (not to mention losing your best score)

Please help.

PC = Pentium III 450 Mhz. Plenty of Ram.
I just encountered the same problem.

My CD is version 1.07, I patched with 1.29, I changed my exe file for the no cd one.

The game still crashes as soon as I hit the launch button once my spaceship is complete.

Help please.
I tried both of Walliard's fixes and still the system crashes when i click on "Launch".
Anyone else come up with a solution to this?
Welcome to CFC EdViking!

If you have the patience for it, you can always uninstall and reinstall it, and patch it up to the latest versions. That could clear up any errors that might have happened during installation. Though it might not make a difference, I would try if it were me.
I have the same problem, and the fixes detailed in the link didn't work for me, either.

But what did work is renaming the race.bik file in the Civ3\Art\Movies directory to something else entirely. The game will skip right over the endgame movie if it can't find it.

Hope that helps.


Since that topic is closed I'll respond here ... I suffered the same problem - no Spaceship launch movie (Race.bik) is shown and the game crashes. I tried the "Nosound=1" option in the .ini file which worked for me, I tried to rename the file with the result as it should be: no movie at all, strait to the end-game.

But while I was renaming the Race.bik I also renamed intro.bik and renamed the original Race.bik to intro.bik. Just curious if the spaceship launch would be shown while starting the game (in stead of the original intro) and it did. :D
But I also noted that the original Race.bik was written with a capital "R", and while I was renaming the .bik files to their original names I changed the capital "R" into a lowercase "r" and tried to play the spaceship launch movie again in-game by pressing the [Launch] button. :D Problem solved!! (for me) So the movie plays with sound on ("Nosound=0") by renaming the capital R into a lowercase r.

Race.bik -> race.bik
... Another Bump.

The situation concerning the Spaceship causing crashes to desktop can be caused by several things such as Drivers needing to be updated or errors in file names, etc...

That said, If you have installed and uninstalled programs such as CIV III/Conquests, you probably have also removed needed .dll files. In this case the binkw.32 file.

Although you can uninstall and reinstall the CIV III/ Conquests Games, your registry can have many errors that prevent correction by simply reinstalling. Sure you can see that the file is there after reinstalling but the registry can be corrupted and prevent proper functioning.

Go to http://www.dll-files.com/ and get DLL Files.com Fixer
This program will correct the missing .dll as well as many other errors that do not present themselves readily to users and also escape most other software checks.

They offer a free trial that will correct one Error.

Hope this Helps someone concerning this otherwise difficult to correct problem :)
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