[LH] Sviatoslav I of Kiev

Dec 17, 2002
this one was requested by PSYX

i took hannibal and ragnar and combined their models and reskinned hannibal with new armor.

i hope this one finds a good home in your mod brotha, and anyone else's, just give me due credit


Man you are good!

I'm not sure that I care about including Kiev, but this guy should be able to find a place in several other positions. Do you take requests?
i get freaking swamped with stuff to do, but i occasionally fill a request to people. just depends on how much work im doing on my mod, or what my family has going on. give me some break time before you PM me any req's
Sure thing. It'll be a while before we (Hand of History) need anything in the way of leaderhead artwork anyway. I'm just on the lookout for what we will eventually need.
yeah, and a tip is: alot of warlords leaders have 2 separate objects for the body in the nif file. so when you use the nifskope method, you have to copy two or more branches (for those who know what im talking about)

the good thing is, remember that specularity thing with shiny face leaders, well with the multiple objects, i set the "gold armor" to stay specular, and i made the one that had his skin in it have zero specularity, giving it some nice effects.
Thank you! :) You as always the best!!! Good work!!!!!!
He will be in civ Rus (of 9 century) in my mod.... ;) Now I finish the unique unit for this civ....
you're welcome! im glad to see so many making russian-language mods!! :)

yeah, i've been wanting to try this technique for a while with napoleon medals, but i never implemented coz it was so minor. but with hannibal's silly "bowl helmet" removed and ragnars cools helmet, i just went ahead and did it
It looks very good. Would he count as a Russian or a Viking?
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