[Logarithmic Capabilities]


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Mar 20, 2009
Logarithms (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logarithm) are equations that usually slow down when approaching extrema (such as infinity). In games, using a mild logarithmic function can limit extremes, boosting gameplay and realism both.

Many features in Civ5 (or Civ4, for the matter) can be aided by logarithmic values instead of constants. Here are a few features:

1. Using a moderate logarithm to limit unit production. For every unit Y, cost X increases for each unit Y produced.

Bonus: Less unit management, more competent AI, some synergy with point #3.

2. Using a very mild logarithm to limit empire growth. For each city Y, maintenance X increases very slightly for each city Y produced. The log can also change depending on distance from the capital.

Bonus: Some maintenance prevents REX-ing.

3. Using a mild logarithm to increase production and/or gold in succeeding eras from ancient. For each era Y, a production multiplier X is increased slightly for each era Y. A more extreme log may be applied to buildings only.

Bonus: Armies can increase in size slowly over time, yet they remain bounded by point #1. Buildings eventually become easier to build.

These might already be implemented, and if so, there is not point for this thread. But, my view is that they are not, and if not they really would be useful in-game.


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Mar 20, 2009
the 1800s
import math doesn't seem to work to get the logarithm functions in the python ...

would we need to have math.py present within the overall folder for the import to take place?

I realize that this is a necro but I believe its an important question. Does Civ IV support Math.py at all?

EDIT: or is it inserted into the DLL, and thereby imported some other way ... ?
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