Loyalty and Governors


Jan 18, 2002
I have thought the loyalty was too strong of a new idea in civ6 and have looked for a way to test tweaking of this feature.
An old mod,

Reduced Pressure From Loyalty 1.0​

gave me the idea. I think this mod went too far and reduced loyalty to 6 tile range. That approach sounds good, but since each tile away reduces the pressure by 10%, that seems like too much of a good thing. Another annoyance with loyalty is that each governor has the same effect. That just does not make sense. A diplomat or Bishop has more influence than an engineer. I tried different levels for governors, but it's still an idea in progress, as I need to see more how it works in gameplay. The changes are simple, most of the loyalty mechanics are left untouched. All that is changes is the loyalty effect in tile range from city center and the effect of different governors.

Here is what I am working at:

Loyalty range pressure: somewhere between 7 and 9
Default is 10, which is too much. Mod is 6 which is too little. Last game was 7 and might still be too low, I may try 8 and 9 and see how they play.

Here are the new governor settings I'm using.
moksha cardinal bishop 14
victor castellan garrison 12
amani diplomat messenger 11
magnus steward groundbreaker 10
liang survey zoning 8
pingala educ research 8

Cardinal is good, 7+7. A strong garrison has long been an historical method of spreading influence. Golden tongue speaker is good. Groundbreaker may be one too much. Not sure on the last two. One should be less than default, but with upgrades each offer, I can't decide which should be 6 and which should be 8.

Oh, key files are Expansion1_Governors and Expansion2_GlobalParamenters. So only 5 value plays, but it is much more interesting to have governors with different loyalty effect. You may wish to give it a try, either with or without changing loyalty range and then give us your reaction to the change. I found it makes a difference in the early game when you are constrained and somewhere between 1 and 3 loyalty would make all the difference in placing a city by a necessary strat resource and not needed to start a war.
I've been wanting to give the cultist loyalty attack to spec ops for awhile to make a better cold war feel but haven't gotten around to it. Is there a way to make a unit GIVE loyalty without using a civic card for garrison? (I'm thinking of a police unit as a player option too)
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